Everything Old is New Again


The Recording Academy geniuses behind the Grammys nominate in the "best new artist" category the estimable power-pop combo Fountains of Wayne, whose major label debut, on Atlantic, came out over seven years ago, in October 1996. In pop career terms, they are more than old enough to be dating Stacy's Mom.

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  1. Perhaps these people don’t get out enough?

  2. This is par for the course. I recall the same thing happening with Bob Seger in the 70’s, who was nominated as best new artist for his “Seven” album, which was not only not his debut, he’d actually already had a top 40 hit years earlier (albeit as the Bob Seger System).

    Stacy’s Mom is a pretty good tune.

  3. Yeah, but for a change at least someone nominated for a Grammy actually deserves it.

    Besides, nominating a pop group years after their major label debut is exactly the sort of thing that FOW would do a song about to satirize pop music and popular culture.

    If the Grammy’s knew what was good for them, they’d go all the way and make Utopia Parkway the year’s best album. Who cares if it was released in 1999 — it’s still beats anything released in 2003.

  4. Ewww. What’s with the link to a site that tries to foist IBIS, Llc. spyware on me?

  5. Neb Okla: Running Mozilla with the right preferences tweaks will prevent you from seeing most such script-generated popups.

    This sort of cognitive dissonance in the Grammys is hardly new. Regardless of one’s current opinion of Metallica, one has to admit that it was a weird thing indeed when a mummified Jethro Tull beat them in the “Hard Rock / Heavy Metal” category in 1989.

  6. I am on They Might Be Giants’ mailing list, and they are buddies with Adam Schlesinger, who produced some tracks on TMBG’s Mink Car album.

    Yesterday, they sent out a message that said something like “a big contratulations to our friend Adam and his band Fountains of Wayne for their Grammy nomination for Best New Artist. We can’t wait to hear the follow-up to their debut album. TMBG is disappointed that is was not nominated for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, but is confident that it will win in that category soon.”

    I thought that was a pretty good gag.

    And Brian – I agree with you about Utopia Parkway. Great great stuff.

  7. Dave Straub –
    …I can also add them to my restricted sites list in IE. I do this – but they shouldn’t be pushing spyware on people.

    If they have a link that says “Please support us by downloading spyware” then that would be honest and good.

    Messenger Plus seems to find that the honest approach works for them.

  8. The Grammymongers have this legend on the nominee list:

    “Best New Artist
    (For a new artist who releases, during the Eligibility Year, the first recording which establishes the public identity of that artist.)”

    So an artist doesn’t have to be new according to some objective criteria, like, say, the calendar. All that matters is that the performers are “new” to the unwashed masses. They should rename the category: Best Artist to Finally Chart or something.


  9. If that’s the criteria, then rename it Best Breakthrough Artist.

  10. I don’t know, I think The Groovy Silmarillions are the best band out there, by far.

  11. I suppose I see some sense in letting hitherto-obscure bands whose second or even third album finally gets some attention compete in the “new band” category. But even by the weaker standard it doesn’t make any sense… Radiation Vibe (off the first album) was top-40 in the UK, and they got a freakin’ Oscar nomination for “That Thing You Do”. So it’s not even as though they were particularly obscure before.

  12. FOW, like TMBG, write cute little pop songs with occasionally clever lyrics. But they aren’t considered sexy by many and can’t dance, which the commoners are likely to want in the mix since those snotty bastards seem to want everything.

    As a British pop star once admitted: ‘the only reason you write songs is to get laid’ (paraphrased)
    Billy Bragg

  13. It kinda makes sense. Stacy’s Mom is the worst thing they ever recorded, ergo….

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