The Usual Suspects


When I read that a lawsuit had been filed against various alcohol producers on the grounds that they allegedly "market to children" (the "evidence" consisting of the Captain Morgan mascot and ads in magazines like Spin… which apparently isn't read by anyone over 21) a tiny voice in my head said: Somehow, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has got to be indirectly responsible for this. Via Radley Balko, I see that the little voice nailed it.


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  1. The obvious solution is to just make alcohol illegal. That way you eliminate advertising although and let the black market work its magic!

  2. That Robert Wood Johnson Foundation website is a hoot! Oh, and scary as all hell to boot.

    PS The irony of the health-nazi movement is that their insistence on zero consumption of anything “bad for you,” is likely to backfire and cause more gluteony and drunkeness. Haven’t these morons heard of the word, “moderation?”

  3. Actually it is in their economic interest to promote these “causes”.

    The Johnson Foundation is one of the big contributors to the Drug Free America campaign. Drug companies get 30% of their income from anti-anxiety drugs that might be replaced for tenths of a cent on the dollar by pot.

    It is not about health or children. It is about rent seeking.

  4. The logic is quite simple. They (they being trial lawyers and self-rightous busy bodies who think they should control every aspect of everyones lives) have gotten all the cash they can out of tobacco for now. They got thrown out of court trying to sue McDonalds (which can leagally advertise to children) so they have to move on the next cash rich target.

    I always thought booze would get a pass – after all there is the history of the failed 18th ammendment – but we Americans can have short memories.

  5. New ad campaign

    Captain Morgan…


  6. So that explains the new Crown Royal ads asking those to have a toast on them… but only if you’re 21.

  7. Now all we need is for the alcohol producers to hire DCI, and for pro-alcohol columns to start appearing on TCS.

    Then we can have a real eminence grise smackdown.

  8. This sounds like the same people who declared that the Joe Camel ads were obviously directed at children; they think that if something is a cartoon drawing, only children can possibly be interested in it. From the prevalence of Dilbert cartoons in every office in the world, there must be a secret child labor operation of huge proportions going on, with the kids cleverly disguised as adults.

  9. This sort of thing could be eliminated by taxing children.

  10. wow, you mean the center for consumer freedom that was started by a $900k grant from philip morris (owner of Miller)? Robert Berman vs. Robert Wood Johnson.. sorry but I can’t find a side to root for here.

  11. I know more than you morons!!

  12. Of course this is wrong, but as a teenager who drinks, I strongly recommend these “alcopops.” They taste like soda! ONly problem is that they are pussy shit and your friends will make fun of you.

  13. Can’t we declare these morality laws are infringing on the separation of church and state and have th ACLU go after these kooks?

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