Good Pot, Bad Pot Act


A bill that U.S. Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.) plans to introduce would tie penalties for marijuana cultivation to THC concentrations: The more potent the pot, the longer the sentence. Souder calls the bill, which also would restrict the ability of judges to depart from sentencing minimums, the "Drug Sentencing Reform Act." The Marijuana Policy Project, noting that higher THC concentrations mean less smoking and therefore less risk of pulmonary damage, has dubbed it the "Lung Disease Promotion Act."



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  1. Mark Sounder is a disgusting excuse for a human being.

  2. Brian:

    Any analytical lab could do it, if it were just a bit of matter to be tested. But it’s not: it’s evidence in a criminal case. That means the lab has to be properly certified to handle forensic evidence, manage chain of custody paperwork, etc. There are lots of places out there that can do DNA testing, but few of them do it because of the additional regs, liability, paperwork, etc., that goes with it. Hence the several-months backlog of DNA evidence samples waiting to be tested. The same labs will be tapped to do the THC testing, so we should expect the backlog to increase, and simple possession cases to take a year or more to come to trial. After all, if the results of the test determine the seriousness of the offense, we can’t try the person until the test results are in, right?

    I will go on the record right now as strongly supporting shadow Rep. Uppercut’s bill, and wil contribute to his re-election campaign if he can get it passed. 🙂

  3. government screws itself for both good and bad, it would seem.

    Did you expect differently? Our legislature is comprised of frightened old people, and the young people they’ve seduced into play along. The drug war is a morality issue for them; they’re afraid of a society they cannot control with a moral code inherited from a bunch of ancient Jewish nomads. They want you to take the drugs they say are good for you, and not take the drugs that interfere with the GDP and the moral water table so to speak. It’s not about health for them, nor has it ever been. It’s about you not being “too” fucked up. Reefer Madness is still playing in the theater of their senile minds. Their approach was doomed to fail from the beginning, and fail it has.

  4. Chuck–very good point. And I concur with your decision to support it for the same reasons.

    ‘sides…it’d be a shame to punished the same ammount for crappy weed…

  5. Every time a politician opens his mouth and the word drugs comes out of it, I get so fucking depressed I could just shoot myslef.

    I don’t of course, I just get high instead.

    Life just wouldn’t be worth living if it wasn’t for drugs.

  6. wha?

    this is truly weird.

    does anyone know how long it takes to do an analysis on a batch of pot to determine THC levels? i’d think this not only increases the time (and money, i’m sure) required to prosecute these pointless cases, but opens up an entire avenue of appeal possibilities for the defense. they can challenge methodology, etc.

    government screws itself for both good and bad, it would seem.

  7. On the plus side in Souder’s mind the gubmint gets to higher 1,000 new testing scientists, add a new chemical analysis department, and spend an additional $25 million a year to get the “strong” stuff off the street for good.

    How asinine.

  8. Please excuse the higher pun, I just had to.

  9. DC shadow Rep. Lance Uppercut plans to introduce a bill naming the Mark Souder the biggest dumbass in America.

  10. dhex–

    Haven’t done it, but I’m pretty sure that you could measure THC levels by doing an extraction of the plant matter into an oil or alcohol, then using some comination of separation and analysis techniques such as HPLC or GCMS.

    Any analytical chemistry lab could do it.

  11. Sorry…you said “how long”, not “how”…

    Once the assay was set up, a lab could probably handle a few dozen samples a day.

  12. dhex:

    I would determine the THC level of the pot for them for free, and do it quickly as well just by smoking it. All they have to do is ask…..

  13. Do us a favor, shoot a politician instead.

  14. “Reefer Madness is still playing in the theater of their senile minds.”

    And this is a bad thing? RM is a crown jewel of my propoganda collection. I heard there are other great films (isn’t there a famous Navy training film?) and wonder if anyone out there have any suggestions.

  15. thats gay! waste a bunch of money on testing that probly doenst matter! oh sure…. that will keep drugs off the street. that dude umm…Mark Sounder… i dont like him. waste a bunch of money on shit that dosent matter. why not just make pot legal? i doesn’t hurt anyone, that i no anyway.

  16. i hope the world comes to an end and everyone gets burned in hell hahhahahahahah

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