Where Are They Now?


About 13 years ago, when the floodgates opened to complaints about "political correctness," a favorite target was Leonard "Ice People" Jeffries, an Afrocentrist academic at CCNY with a habit of saying unflattering things about white people in general and Jews in particular. Where is he now?

These days the professor is allied with the noted camera-chaser Calvin Butts, among others, as part of an effort to "combat offensive media in the local community" by painting over billboards advertising alcohol or tobacco. According to the Amsterdam News, "Butts said that they did not need permission from anyone to paint over the ads. 'They are negative, and they are in our community.'"

There was a time when such activists would at least try to deface the billboards they disliked in a creative way. These guys just paint over the damn things. Double penalty.