Impaired Judgment


A couple months ago, Seattle voters passed an initiative making marijuana the city's "lowest law-enforcement priority." Despite that, a few hemp connoisseurs have managed to land in jail anyway, thanks to their uncanny ability to flaunt their pastime right in front of the police. For details, read The Stranger's guide to Seattle's dumbest potheads.

My favorite: the woman who attempted to visit a friend in jail while carrying some weed in her backpack.


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  1. I heard about DJ Dipshit. Word has it he was the cookie dough balls guy who gets nailed nearly every year at hempfest. The 2001 hempfest documentary shows him getting escorted from the premises with a big smile across his face like he pulled off one big scam.

    Its numbnutz like these that gets all the attention keeping the pothead stereotype alive in the mainstream. When Barry McCaffery is spewing his propaganda rhetoric, its images of this guy dancing in his smug head.

  2. How about the Princeton undergrads who fired up a few joints while sitting under the smoke detector at their eating club. The smoke detector went off, along came the campus police and the local fire department and “go to jail, go directly to jail, do not pass go . . . ” You have to be really, really smart to go to Princeton.

  3. and here i thought the big selling point of cannabis food items was their relative sneakability?

    or maybe he just likes getting arrested…

    on of the war on some drugs’ side effects is giving dipshits who happen to use drugs a sense of victimhood and entitlement.

  4. When I was young and stupid, I brought a backpack with a bag into the Supreme Court bldg. The cop passed it through the x-ray twice, but no image came up. He then started to unzip it, but then the picture appeared, and he waved me through.

    It’s frightening to think about how different my life would have been if that metal detector image hadn’t appeared.

  5. “Princeton undergrads who fired up a few joints while sitting under the smoke detector”

    That story sounds funny. You can smoke (cigarettes or otherwise) right under a smoke detector and it won’t go off. I’ve done it, I know others have done it… so what’s the deal? Highly sensitive smoke detector or apocryphal story?

  6. Its absolutely a true story, straight from the pages of the Trentonian, a wonderfully trashy tabloid that specializes in scandals involving sex and dope and photos of Philadelphia Eagles cheerleaders. The knuckleheads in question even managed to set off the sprinkler system. Probably college residence halls in New Jersey have especially sensitive smoke detectors after a fatal fire at Seton Hall University a few years ago. Believe me, the kind of newspaper that made a long running story of the 50ish local judge who got started a fracas in Joe’s Mill Hill Saloon in Trenton when she caught her 20 something boyfriend with a young woman wouldn’t make something like this up.

  7. On the subject of highly sensitive smoke detectors in university dorms, I spent the better part of my years of “higher education” living in the newly renovated residence of a military academy which I’ll decline to name.

    The new fire detection system was so sensitive that it would be set off by candles, toasters, humidity from showers, and even by the heat from freshly laundered and dried clothing. As a result, over the years couple of years that I resided in the building, we had approximately 250 false alarms. Sometimes as many as 3 in a single night.

    After a while the building residents generally started to ignore the alarms. The only real beneficiaries were the local “volunteer” firefighters who collected a good wad of cash for every appearance they made at the scene. The most fun was watching to see which male & female cadets were caught departing the same room at 3am.

  8. Russ, I am curious about your ‘academy’ as military bases, including academies, have professional firefighters. The only one I am not sure about is the Coast Guard Academy, as it is part of the DOT. Or the civilian schools…but that would be rather deceptive to call them military academies, now wouldn’t it?

  9. VMI and the Citadel “count” as military academies. Maybe not as “Military Academies” as in West Point, etc. but certainly as lower case “military academies”.

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