CNN Accused of Planting Asinine Question at "Rock the Vote" Debate


That's show business.


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  1. It could have been worse. The question could have been:

    “Raw or Smackdown?”

    “Tastes Great or Less Filling?”

    “Kirk, Picard, Sisko, Janeway, or Archer?”

    “Connery, Moore, Dalton, or Brosnan?”

  2. Is anyone surprised by this? Does anybody care? If the questions weren’t lighthearted, could you get even a dozen people to pay attention. The last time a politician uttered anything worth listening to during a campaign was “Extremism in the name of liberty is no vice…” and we all know what happened there, which is why no (major party) candidate will ever utter anything but bland pabulum while running. Unless of course he’s outright lying (“Read my lips…”) in which case, they’ll say absolutely anything that is proven to net more votes by focus groups.

  3. “Innie or outie?”

  4. But this is important. I want to know how the candidates responded and then I think there should be a full investigation as to their honesty.

  5. I wonder if anybody gets it yet. When they say it’s a reality show, do you all think it’s real? The media controls what you know about the world around you. Disclosure is not in their interests. Whether they’re left or right, raw or smackdown, PC or Mac, they are motivated by the desire to keep you tuned in after the commercials. Everything else to them is secondary. Do yourself a favor: cut your cable, buy a game console, and use your television for the only remaining noble purpose. Video games.

  6. What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?

    Anyone that answered Episodes 1 or 2 would immediately be thrown out. Wait a minute, I thought I stumbled into the geek, nerd, dork thread …

  7. the correct answer is “neither” and the correct question is “linux or netbsd?”. 8)

  8. Boxers or briefs?

  9. Um, silly question perhaps, but what exactly prevented this young woman from asking the candidates whatever the hell she wanted to once the microphone was in front of her face? Were they going to yank it away from her and escort her out on live TV? Is she on CNN’s payroll or something? I don’t get it.

    Or is this just another example of “millineal” deference to (perceived) authority?

  10. Gin or Vodka

  11. It is not obvious to me that this question
    will not elicit more useful information than
    an overtly political question, for which they
    have prepared answers and about which they
    will surely lie.

    Indeed, I think a whole series of such questions –
    favorite beatle, eating habits and so on would
    reveal a lot. Knowing that Bill liked to binge
    at McDonalds would have been informative and
    predictive of his future behvaior.


  12. Helmet or Anteater?

  13. Betty or Veronica?

  14. I think the more interesting story is why CNN picked HER to ask a question. Obviously, (since CNN “suggested” the questions) CNN did not select questioners based on their submission of good questions. I can envision CNN producers saying: “Let’s cast a woman to ask the *computer* question…”

  15. Sativa or indica?

  16. “Connery, Moore, Dalton, or Brosnan?”

    George Lazenby for me, thanks.

  17. I am wondering about the whole relevance of Rock the Vote? What has it accomplished in getting out the youth vote?

  18. I wonder if the gal who posed the (in)famous “boxers or briefs” question of Clinton received a similar “suggestion” from the producers.

  19. Perhaps if they changed it to “Fuck the Vote…”

  20. Liberty or safety?

  21. Or “Burning Man the Vote?” 🙂

  22. Rand or Hayek?

  23. Hitler or Stalin?

  24. The Democratic candidates collectively are so incredibly boring, you can’t blame CNN for trying to spice things up a bit, if in fact that’s what they did. So it didn’t work. Who cares.

    “Boxers or briefs?”

  25. You’ll have to think harder for this one:

    Chevy, Dodge, or Ford?

  26. Brad S-
    I guess the spicy answer is, Freeball!

  27. Howsabout “Are you evil, or just incompetent?”

  28. RC Dean – how about “big government or HUGE government”?

  29. they’ll save that one for the presidential debates. 🙂

  30. Ginger or Mary Ann?

  31. The question should have been, What, are you guys nuts?

  32. Wilma or Betty?

  33. Candidate Warren’s prepared responses to the impromptu questions;

    “I don’t watch professional wrestling”
    “I don’t drink pisswater”
    “I’d have to go with Sisko, but allow me to state my conviction that Commander Tuvok is the finest officer in the fleet”
    “Moore. Please considered the degree of honesty and courage it took to make this admission”
    “The original (episode four)”
    “briefs mostly”
    “Scotch actualy”
    “Helmet or Antearter?? What the hell are you talking about?”
    “I’d marry Betty, but I’d set up Veronica in an apartment close to the office”
    “Sativa or indica? You’re a little out of date bud (pun). Hybrids have been the primo smoke for years”
    “LIBERTY. First, last and always”
    “hmmm Rand was my first love, so she had a bigger impact”
    “If I have to choose I’d say Hitler cause we waged war against him ultimatley rid the world of him instead of you know, crawling in bed with and propping up his regime so he could go on oppressing and murdering millions of people for decades to come.”
    “Chevy. No brainer”
    “undoubtedly incompetent”
    “umm big government would be smaller than what we have now so I’ll go with that”
    “Mary Ann but only because I suspect that corn-fed farm-girl act is just a fa?ade”
    “Betty. That giggle makes me weak in the knees.”

    And my question to the rest of the field:
    “baked or mashed?”

  34. Everybody says they don’t watch pro wrestling. Only liberal elitists and raging feminists are telling the truth. Which are you?

    My killer question would actually have been “do you drink white Zinfandel?” with a 16-ton anvil dropped on the head of each candidate who answered yes.

  35. Warren: The Helmet or Anteater question pertains to whether or not you’ve had what is called in the Jewish faith a bris

  36. ?Helmet or Antearter?? What the hell are you talking about??

    Warren, you need to get out more. Ask Mary Ann, Betty or Veronica to show you.

  37. “what exactly prevented this young woman from asking the candidates whatever the hell she wanted to once the microphone was in front of her face?”


  38. Not so much a coward as a weak tee-vee-wannabe. She’d rather look like a fool and get on the tube than look smart and risk getting edited out…

  39. Dick Sargent or Dick York?

  40. Serena or Samantha?

  41. Ashley or Mary Kate?

  42. John, Paul, George or Ringo? (I think we’ve been here before)

  43. Maureen Dowd or Peggy Noonan?

  44. tax-and-spend or spend-and-tax?

  45. tampons or pads?

  46. And if this were a p4rison yard audience: Pitch or catch?

  47. spit or swallow?

  48. Elvis or Beatles?

    (In my case: Meatloaf.)

  49. Mmmmmmmmmmm . . . meatloaf.

  50. “Modern liberals think they own the youth vote”

    Turns out, they only have the three. The other five vote according to candidate.

  51. Huh, I didn’t realize youth could vote.

  52. EZ Wider or Bambu?

  53. Britney or Beyonce?

  54. “I am wondering about the whole relevance of Rock the Vote? What has it accomplished in getting out the youth vote?”

    Modern liberals think they own the youth vote, which is probably mostly true. However, I’ve heard the Republicans have been making progress in brainwashing the young.

    It’s too bad we libs can’t get off our asses and get a piece of the pie. What kid wouldn’t be attracted to guns, dope, tobacco, porn, and booze?

  55. Shaken or stirred?

  56. Are blow jobs sex or just good fun between friends?

  57. And speaking of meatloaf: “On a hot summer night, would you offer your throat to the wolf with the red roses?”

  58. Atkins or low fat.

  59. Low fat meatloaf? This is America, Mona!

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