The Stainless-Steel Mao


The Christian Science Monitor surveys the state of free speech in China.


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  1. Wang Bingzhang, the founder of the pro-democracy magazine China Spring, was recently sentenced to life imprisonment for “organising and leading a terrorist group.”

  2. Is this the same China that Bush said, “I see a China that is defending freedom?” Okay, I am paraphrasing from memory, but I think that is the jist of it.

    So why does Cuba get the stick, and China, the carrot?

    PS The above is a rhetorical question, no need to answer unless there is actually something other than money involved.

  3. Maybe we’re a little afraid of the Chinese, Steve, and not so much with the Cubans?

    Although, IMHO, the best approach to liberalizing both countries is to trade like crazy with ’em.

  4. Steve: Apparently, he was supposed to say “seek a China” instead of “see a China,” but mangled the line when he read the speech aloud. Details here.

  5. I like that in your country you are free to criticize your president Bush. Same is true in China–we are also free to criticize your president Bush.

  6. Jesse, I would like to see what the speech he was reading said, not what people are saying it said.


  7. It’s curious and sad that such human rights abuses are talked about so little (arrest of Liu Di). I think the leftists realize that if the media discussed the real horrors of human rights, they could hardly paint the US as such a wicked state.

  8. I would like to see what the speech he was reading said

    The speech he was reading said “seek”. He slipped up and said “see”. Like DPRK, China tends to respond to diplomatic affrontery with the maturity of a spoiled child, so WH handlers probably thought it best to let it slide.

    I for one will enjoy watching the PRC system crumble when the internet and a culture of globalization (ha, ha, you can’t do anything about it) proves too much for it in its struggle to keep its “dealings” silent.

    I hope it’s something we can watch on Fox.

  9. leftists realize that if the media discussed the real horrors of human rights

    To the leftists, it is more important that we become the omnibenevolent state than any other country change their policy by one iota to improve human rights. Human rights groups think the incessant whining, press releases, and “calls for action” actually change something. Heh.

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