Medved: A Pox on "Losertarians"!


The film critic/talk radio guy goes off on the capital-L crowd, in this interview with John Hawkins. Sample:

[T]hey cheapen whole definition of politics…You're talking about thousands of people over election after election, wasting their time, accomplishing absolutely nothing. See, I take politics very seriously. If God forbid, there had been a switch of 300 votes in Florida, if 300 people had voted differently or if 500 Republicans had decided to stay home, we would have had a very different President right now. This is serious business.

These people are of course exercising their rights, but I think it's about time, particularly with a party that has been around as long as the "Losertarians", for people to point out that the Emperor has no clothes. They're not gaining support, they're losing support. [?]

[B]asic logic here, you do not influence a major political party by leaving it. You influence a major political party by staying in it and fighting for the ideas and the candidates you care about. This is so simple that my 11 year old son can understand it, but obviously there are a lot of "Losertarians" who don't get it.

The reason I enjoy talking to these guys on the air is because they are so utterly incapable of answering the question, "Ok, what have you accomplished with all of your activism?" The answer is absolutely nothing except electing a bunch of ultra-liberal Democrats and big government types like Maria Cantwell.