A Tale of Two Takes on Shattered Glass


First, from The New Republic's Gregg Easterbrook:

Easterblogg was very pleasantly surprised with movie Shattered Glass, and not just because it presents THE NEW REPUBLIC as tremendously important. [?]

Another big plus, from my perspective and that of my peer group: Shattered Glass depicts everyone around Steve Glass as intensely concerned that journalists act honorably. In this way, it is a rare, recent Hollywood production whose worldview is not cynical. Shattered Glass shows an organization and its personnel as trying like crazy to fulfill their responsibilities to the public.

Second, from a non-TNR employee, and a better movie reviewer, The New Yorker's Anthony Lane:

[A]s a whole, ?Shattered Glass? is carefully constructed, intently played, and shot with creepy calm. It is also, by a considerable margin, the most ridiculous movie I have seen this year. [?]

Stephen Glass was a faker on the make, a species common to most fields of human endeavor, yet, to judge by the solemnity with which this movie treats his story, the importance of his transgressions puts him somewhere between Ted Bundy and Alger Hiss. [?]

Glass may be a rotten apple in the barrel, but the contention of [the] film is that the barrel itself, the noble calling of the reporter, is as sturdy and as polished as ever.

Give me a break.