Family Values Revisited


New at Reason: Remember when Arnold was still fighting the female terminator and the California recall was still in doubt? Halcyon days, when "Teapot Dome" were the words on all our lips and it seemed like everybody owned a pet rock! Peter Bagge takes you in the wayback machine to a time when it still seemed like persnickety personal complaints might be enough to stop the unstoppable.


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  1. Speaking of Arnold, don’t miss the dust-up between Warren Buffett and WSJ Managing Editor Paul Steiger on today’s WSJ Letters page. Buffett said he was jobbed by the Journal’s story regarding property taxes. Steigerwald tells him to piss off (respectfully, of course).

  2. Uhh, Steiger not Steigerwald…

  3. Bagge is neither funny nor insightful. His oversimplified approach to everything is just irritating.

  4. Apparently the pneumatic, if unelectable, Ms. Carey is making a movie about her experience in the gubernatorial race. Ron Jeremy is slated to play the Bustamante role. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen but, oh what fun.

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