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A Dem activist notes that the site has stopped distributing prefab "letters to the editor" for concerned citizens to submit as their own. (They'll now merely suggest topics.) What I'm most struck by is how much the site, which allows foot soldiers to win "GOPoints" for carrying out various actions, resembles record company campaigns wherein young teeny-boppers get free T-shirts and albums for spreading buzz about Britney.

Update: A commenter points to the Dem equivalent.

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  1. Nice use of the indeterminate “Bush Administration” to assume the conclusion, isn’t it?

    Technically, the Bush administration includes the employees of every federal agency, including the CIA, but most people hear the term and think of the White House staff.

  2. You don’t go far enough with the form letter idea. Go to the NYT editorial page and you have a form editorial every day, a mirth producer for the right wing reader. They connect the dots with only one dot.

    This is the point at which the sides start quoting each other’s stuff without comment. It’s sort of a stalemate until there’s an election to settle it, or not.

  3. Julian, I believe the phrase you are looking for is Street Team. I know a lot of hardcore labels have them.

  4. If you are concerned with any of the following:

    Demand an Independent Investigation into the White House Leak

    New Study: Average Americans Pay Dearly for Bush Tax Cuts

    Democrats Protect Overtime in Crucial Victory for Working Families

    Enron, Other Big Energy Companies Wrote Bush Energy Policy

    Bush Administration Lied About NY Air Quality After 9/11

    There’s a form email waiting at the DNC site just for you. Just fill in the blanks to deliver your outrage on a number of different issues. Unfortunately, on the issue of:

    “When newspapers received identical letters to the editor signed by different soldiers, it was clear Bush was using our military as a public relations prop — again. We want to know what members of our military and their families really think about what’s going on in Iraq — good or bad.”

    There is no form to express your outrage, but there is a place to tell us about your service experience. Wouldn’t want to seem hypocritical after all.

  5. Then there’s the latest from

    Take a moment and consider what an ordinary citizen thinks of this: Someone in the Bush Administration is angry at someone else in Washington. Nothing new there. That’s politics.

    But it turns out that a senior Bush Administration official, in a move to bully a political foe, illegally leaked the name of his foe’s wife, who is a CIA operative, to a columnist, putting the CIA agent’s life in danger.

    The average citizen, like you I hope, would think that this is horrible, and the criminal who leaked the agent’s name should be brought to justice-in the name of functional government.

    Now imagine that your average citizen hears that the Bush Administration’s own Justice Department is in charge of the investigation. The conflict of interest is painfully obvious.

    That’s why I respectfully demand that you join your colleagues in voting for an independent investigation of the Bush Administration’s illegal leaks to the news media.

  6. That’s why I respectfully demand that you join your colleagues in voting for an independent investigation of the Bush Administration’s illegal leaks to the news media.

    Um…no. I don’t really care about some spook’s identity being exposed, especially since the woman in question seems to be doing just fine. The media made this shitstorm, the media can dissolve it.

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