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Bless the folks at the drug czar's office. Without them I'd never know the latest drug slang. Now I can listen in on the teens waiting for the school bus across the street and know that when they say "thing" they are really talking about cocaine. Or heroin. Or crack. Or the "main drug interest at the momement (sic)."

I'll know that when they say "whack" they mean crack; or heroin and PCP; or a crack/PCP mixture; or "marijuana laced with insecticides." I'll know a love of "chocolate" reveals a jones for marijuana or opium or amphetamine. Insidious code.

Some things do confuse. I would've thought the heroin doppelganger "ferry dust" would conjure Tinker Bell and not Staten Island. And I am shocked that "chipper" refers not only to the occasional heroin user, but to the "occasional Hispanic user." My God they are using and abusing Hispanics!

And I've found what I did think I knew was wrong. Steely Dan taught me that "chasing the dragon" was smoking opium, but it turns out it refers to crack mixed with heroin. And despite enjoying vodka/Kahlua mixtures on occasion, it turns out they are not "black Russians." Opium mixed with hashish claims that name.

via Fark.

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  1. I always thought a “40” referred to Schlitz… Plus they left of “Tina” “White Christmas” and others…

  2. I always thought a 40 was a 40oz of Old English…. you know, “hey bro, dont forget that 40 your promised me”.

    Now all the inner city parents are going to be freaking out, every time they hear thier kid talking on the phone about the next party, they are going to think Rush has been selling Iowa Heroin to thier good drinking kids…

  3. Holy euphemisms Batman! It seems every word out of you teen’s mouth is code for heroin.

  4. I always thought an eighth was a unit of measurement of “substance” not a generic term for heroin. Looks like I was doing it wrong for all those years.

    8-ball is crack mixed with heroin? I always thought it was just coke.

    Dinosaurs are old heroin users? It seems like something kids would call older people in general (like the one guy in his 40s at the club dancing w/ 22 year olds) and not particularly specific to users.

    A lot of the terms seem to be generic drug terms that could be used differently depending on the social group. I have heard shit mean: marijuana, coke, ‘shrooms, etc. This fails to account for the fact that a lot of slang is regional and most outsiders only get it if they can figure it out. Judging by the number of words they have for heroin, they must’ve hung out w/ a lot of heroin users. I mean jeez, what doesn’t mean heroin according to them.

  5. What about; tony, miata, stroker T, sparkle, rainbow run, copa de oro, blue sky, haystack, hanging chad, pillow plant, KGB, the goo, windwalker, the HK, stinger, wasted willy, holy smokes, egg, the skids, Roy Jones, phatty, horse whip, jesus peaking, bank note, sleepy hollow, barn burner, cloud, charlie chan, base, christy (or christ), indo, or at least schwag???

    Hell, I only know of one definition for scat, and they claim it means more than that!

  6. I thought that old heroin users would be called “Mother Superior”, a la “Trainspotting,” because of the length of their habits. God, I love Ervine Welsh’s writing.

  7. Oh wait! I GET IT NOW. It’s the stepping stone in action. You start out using marijuana. The sordid underworld seduces you into using terms like ‘dope’, ‘smoke’, ‘skunk’ and ‘ragweed’ until one day you mistakenly inject heroin in your arm when all you meant to do was smoke a little pot. Then BAM you’re instantly hooked. It’s all clear to me now, why didn’t I see it before?

  8. But Warren, they told me it was liquid THC when they passed the syringe instead of the bong! I plead the Rush, it was the drugs fault.

  9. Warren:
    Because you got a hot dose of the Joy Flakes from your balloon and have been at the mercy of the underworld ever since?

    Just a thought…

  10. Those “jive” “hepcats” with their “reefer”!

    I don’t see “wacky tobaccy” anywhere on this list. That’s what all the kids are calling it nowadays.

  11. I was driving a former friend through Panorama City when he yells (and I mean yells) out the window at a black guy: “got any D?” I notice that didn’t make their list. And eightball is also an 1/8 oz. of coke.

    Nevertheless, I found the list and the other pages quite informative as I continue my journey from the “soft” stuff to the “hard” stuff.

    (Just kidding, LW has been clean for nearly a decade).

  12. I looked for “little blue ones” and “pain medication” as a slang terms to use when I’m gobbling oxycotin. Neither was listed so I guess they aren’t on to me yet.

  13. How about “working on my shop project”?

    “Er, yeah teach, this is a lamp for my mom. See, it has this small cup at the bottom, and this large hollow cavity, and a small hole at the top for the light…”

  14. tu tiene cheba?

  15. Brunching Shuttle Cocks were way ahead of you Reason guys. Check out

    for a tool to translate any web page according to the white houe street terms. First time I tried it out on a newssite, I was alarmed to discover that an American Airlines flight was sleeping off the effects of drugs. Enjoy.

  16. Bang a gong.

  17. Ah-pen-yen? What if I’m taking part in a poll in Louisianna? Do I go to jail?
    Actually, probably, yes.

  18. Those chocolate things are whack! They make me so chipper.

  19. What about yam-yam, as in “Damnit Elaine, that wasn’t Dave, that was the yam-yam!”

  20. These guys will come up with anything to protect their phoney-baloney jobs!

  21. I’m confused now. I think I’m just going to “yada, yada, yada” drugs from now on.

  22. I wasn’t aware that anyone actually enjoyed the Black Russian drink until Jeff said he did. You learn something every day.

    Those things are nasty.

  23. Has the war on drugs morphed into the War on Words (WOW)??? Be careful of what you say, if you get caught asking kids if they would like a “ballon,” it can get you 5-10 years!

  24. I make Black Russians with that new vanilla-favored vodka. It’s like a sundae … with a kick.

  25. Kids are sooo dumb these days. We used to call smoking pot “doing homework”. Like: “do you want to get together and do some homework?” “Mom, I am going over to Todd’s to do some homework”.

    You can take this a long way with terms such as “books” “pens” “study materials” etc etc etc. Of course you could just call pot “pot” it’s not like anyone is really listening.

  26. Oh, I am onto you Rush. But, for all your hard work spreading the GOP gospel and the fact that all these doctors are no better than crack dealers, I am going to let you seek treatment peacefully and we’ll just sweep this one under the rug. By the way, Rush, get treatment from God’s servants, not these drug peddling doctors that think they know what’s best for you.

  27. EMAIL:
    DATE: 05/20/2004 11:42:30
    Any certainty is a delusion.

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