Latest Drug Menace


Bless the folks at the drug czar's office. Without them I'd never know the latest drug slang. Now I can listen in on the teens waiting for the school bus across the street and know that when they say "thing" they are really talking about cocaine. Or heroin. Or crack. Or the "main drug interest at the momement (sic)."

I'll know that when they say "whack" they mean crack; or heroin and PCP; or a crack/PCP mixture; or "marijuana laced with insecticides." I'll know a love of "chocolate" reveals a jones for marijuana or opium or amphetamine. Insidious code.

Some things do confuse. I would've thought the heroin doppelganger "ferry dust" would conjure Tinker Bell and not Staten Island. And I am shocked that "chipper" refers not only to the occasional heroin user, but to the "occasional Hispanic user." My God they are using and abusing Hispanics!

And I've found what I did think I knew was wrong. Steely Dan taught me that "chasing the dragon" was smoking opium, but it turns out it refers to crack mixed with heroin. And despite enjoying vodka/Kahlua mixtures on occasion, it turns out they are not "black Russians." Opium mixed with hashish claims that name.

via Fark.