Sue 'Em All


A revamped Metallica offering? No, just the recording industry's strategy for dealing with file-traders.

The headline says it all: "Man accused by RIAA over Latino sharing doesn't speak Spanish."

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  1. By latin songs, they’re refering to sacred chant, right? Hildegard Von Bingen and all that? I mean THAT is Latin.

  2. And I don’t speak Japanese, but you wouldn’t believe the bubble-gumy J-Pop I have.

  3. Know what else? I don’t speak German, but boy, my Wagner collection…

    I should learn German already.

  4. Hope is flickering in the innermost recesses of my heart. This looks very much like the death throws of the RIAA.

  5. You’d better see if you should be on aspirin therapy, that heart of yours sounds a little unstable.

  6. How do you share latinos? I mean, I understand prostitution and orgies, but why would the RIAA care about prostitution and how can you download a hooker over the internet, other than a photo?

    Does bring up an interesting “Beam me up, Scotty” kind of dilemma though.

  7. In fairness, that’s not entirely dispositive. I don’t speak French, but I’ve got a fair number of Stereolab and Serge Gainsbourg CDs lying around.

  8. The headline only tells part of the story…

    “According to the EFF, Plank is being accused of sharing hundreds of Latin songs using Kazaa filesharing software, but it claims he can’t speak Spanish, doesn’t listen to Latino music, and his computer didn’t have Kazaa installed.”

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