Meanwhile, It Apparently Isn't So Dangerous To Sit On Your Ass All Day Typing


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the ten most dangerous jobs in America:

1. Timber Cutters
2. Fishers
3. Pilots and Navigators
4. Structural Metal Workers
5. Driver-Sales Workers
6. Roofers
7. Electrical Power Installers
8. Farm Occupations
9. Construction Workers
10. Truck Drivers

"Driver-sales workers" apparently means the people who fill vending machines and deliver pizzas. Tip them well.

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  1. What I relief, I was worried blogging was going to kill me.

  2. Ahh…but the following year, Norm corrected himself. Now the worst job is “Assistant Crack Whore”.

  3. Any idea where cop or firefighter stand?

    I bet if they broke out night retail clerk it would be pretty bad.

    How about soldier? Is being in the army more dangerous (even this year) than other jobs? Death rate in Iraq is probably more than 118/100k (timber workers) but for all uniformed services it probably is less.

  4. “Crack whore” was the worst occupation in America. The most dangerous occupation was “East Coast Rap Star”, edging out the previous year’s “West Coast Rap Star.”

  5. The reason “crack whore” is no longer #1 on the list is that “magician/tiger tamer” has now pulled ahead. The serious injury rate in that occupation is 50%, as of today.

    You’d think after 20 years or so, the tiger’d just be cool.

  6. It’s safer to be in the military in Iraq than to be a young male in Washington, D.C…

  7. Of course flying is still safer than driving. Think about it — every pilot who get killed in a plane crash died “on the job.” What if every person who got killed in a car crash was listed the same way, with “driver” as their occupation?

  8. Do I have to tip my pilot now? Or can I get away without it because they’re so happy in their jobs?

  9. Whatever happened to garbage collectors, that used to be big on the old lists because of all the potential exposure to disease that came with picking up trash.

  10. Crack whore isn’t a job, it’s a calling.

  11. Russ – the ironic thing is that if you tried to tip your pilot, he wouldn’t be allowed to accept it, lest he violate his Union contract (Unions are big on everyone getting the same thing – so, if you tipped your pilot, you would have to tip every other pilot represented by that Union an equal amount simultaneously).

  12. Douglas – maybe science and technology have allowed for safer, cleaner garbage. And I agree, one truly does have to have the gift to truly succeed as a crack whore…

  13. “Fishers”??

  14. Fishermen is un PC. As is Fishwives. I like Fisherfolk. It sounds more homey.

  15. I gather “fisher” is the gender neutral version of “fisherman”, though the weasel variety (see$narrative.html)also appears to be endangered.

    Re the “flying vs. driving” issue, I think most of the casualties among “driver-sales workers” are probably in the context of driving, as opposed to those who get held up or have a vending machine fall on them. If you combined that category with “truck drivers”, it might well outweigh pilot casualties.

    Also, flying looks a lot safer in terms of accidents per mile flown than it does in terms of accidents per hour, or per day worked.

  16. Can we have a rule against weeners like StMack who seem to post in Hit & Run only to shamelessly promote their own pathetic little blogs?

  17. Now “Fishers of Men” – THAT has a high rate of death and injury.

  18. “ELF people spiking trees (destroying the tree in order to save it) and other eco-terrorist booby traps.” (Pink at 11:46)

    Isn’t that a typical left-wing trait? As in, destroying people in order to save people (during Woodrow’s “The war to end all wars.”)

  19. Well, “fisherman” IS kind of redundant. Unless you’re trying to differentiate between people who fish versus other species, like bears.

  20. That would be a fisherbear, silly.

  21. “Fishers of Men”

    There used to be a storefront church in DC on Georgia Avenue by that name. Some sort of salvation theme going there, I don’t know how dangerous it ever got, though.

  22. I see those farmers still can’t keep their arms inside their tractors.

  23. Are cab drivers in the Driver-Sales Workers category?

  24. No, cabbies are a separate category. According to this site, “The primary responsibility of driver/sales workers, or route drivers, is to deliver and sell their firm?s products over established routes or within an established territory. They sell goods such as food products, including restaurant takeout items, or pick up and deliver items such as laundry.”

  25. Pilots at #3? Hmmm. That doesn’t make me want to fly anytime soon. And they claim driver sales workers and truck drivers are in less danger. What happened to “flying is safer than driving?”

  26. What happened to “flying is safer than driving?”

    According to the CNN piece, “bush pilots, air-taxi pilots, and crop-dusters die at a far higher rate than airline pilots.” And apparently the Alaskans are crashing left and right.

  27. I don’t tip. I don’t believe in it…

    The pilot thing is of course deceiving as usual, the “severe service” pilot jobs and the JFK Jr.’s of the world should be split out from the Airline pilot.

    Also those timber cutters not only have to worry about inherent job danger but the ELF people spiking trees (destroying the tree in order to save it) and other eco-terrorist booby traps.

  28. On the other hand, the (name withheld) major insurance company I work for isn’t interested in writing Worker’s Comp policies for record-keeping businesses. “It’s not dangerous enough to charge decent rates, but they sit around all day generating carpel tunnel claims.”

  29. Several years ago, I came across a published list of the year’s “most dangerous jobs” – I believe the article was entitled “Worst Jobs in America”. The list was very similar to the one linked by Jesse.

    About a week later, I read another article called “America’s Happiest Workers”. Amazingly, the people who held the most dangerous (“worst”) jobs were also the very same people who loved their job best.

    Lumberjacks, Cowboys, Bush Pilots, etc. – it may be dangerous buy at least you don’t have to obliterate your manhood…

  30. According to Norm MacDonald, the most dangerous occupation in America a few years a go was Crack Whore. Now they don’t even make the list. Did they get a union?

  31. The most dangerous role in the world is husband. The dealiest aspect of this role is the question: Does this make me look fat?

  32. What about war correspondents? Would have thought they would be up the league.

  33. If you ever visit Gloucester, Ma., you will find a monument to the dead fishermen from that town. Though the bulk of the deaths come prior to the 20th century, and they number in the thousands, every year a fair number of Gloucestermen die at sea (think of “The Perfect Storm”).

  34. BTW, has the ELF ever killed anyone?

  35. some bad answers to the important question, “Does this make me look fat?”

    a) that’s an understatement
    b) do you chix store fat in yer thighs for the winter? (courtsey of Steve Dallas and Bloom County)
    c) at least your gut prevents yer boobs from saggin too much
    d) huh? i was reading maxim
    saving grace: (homer simpson shreak, dive out of window)

    after years of research, four out of five dentists agree on that answer. the fifth said, “yes they do”. we are still in the process of removing his packers cheez head from his ass. it was not a pretty scene. and it won’t be repeated here. my gosh, man, we won’t because of “the children”. and the loons will be back next year.

    thank you,

  36. Jean Bart:

    I don’t know if the ELF has ever killed anyone, but there have been numerous serious accidents involving spiked trees, including loss of (human) limbs. Spikes can cause chain saw chains to break during the cutting of the tree or band saw blades to break in the saw mill. A broken, flailing six-inch wide band saw blade can do a lot of damage. This is not a benign form of protest, and thought it may be aimed at the (ostensibly) evil forest products corporation, it’s the poor little guy who is just trying to make a living who loses the arm or leg.

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