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New at Reason: A variation on the old story of Babe Ruth and the Jewish question—Is Arnold good for the libertarians? Some speculations.


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  1. Uh, that Schwarzenegger was elected in a recall is indicative of a longer-term trend “tied to voter skepticism about government in general?” That’s a laff or someone is projecting, and it’s not just the Golden State.

    It might as well have been a Rorschach test for California’s ideal body image and vision of manhood. But hey, a butterfly ballot did nicely. Schwarzenegger will be coopted just like everyone else, if he hasn’t been already.

    If Californians were so sick of goverment they’d already have voted to gut their failing liberal UC public school system and have it properly privatized. If Californians were so sick of government they’d already have voted to privatize their failing public utilities, etc. etc. et goddamn fucking cetera.

    I fear, Tim, you’ve overestimated the voting public’s boundless capacity for rationality. But you’ve got the public’s short-term attention span and penchant for celebrity entitlement largely correct.

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