Refuse to Give the People What They Want!


The Aspen Daily News has decided to stop covering the Kobe Bryant trial, which is taking place in the paper's coverage area.

Our only regret about this decision is that it has come a little late. [?]

There are so many news outlets these days—from TV to radio to print and the Internet—that reporters are literally driven to get that juicy tidbit first, to get on the air or into print and scoop the other guy. That's the most important thing. [?]

The sad thing is that most of these reporters and editors know that there are stories out there that need to be told—stories about people, stories about politics, stories about science, stories about education—stories that could really make a difference in people's lives. But as long as these reporters are tied up in the over-amplified minutiae of the Bryant case, those stories are going by the wayside.