Refuse to Give the People What They Want!


The Aspen Daily News has decided to stop covering the Kobe Bryant trial, which is taking place in the paper's coverage area.

Our only regret about this decision is that it has come a little late. [?]

There are so many news outlets these days—from TV to radio to print and the Internet—that reporters are literally driven to get that juicy tidbit first, to get on the air or into print and scoop the other guy. That's the most important thing. [?]

The sad thing is that most of these reporters and editors know that there are stories out there that need to be told—stories about people, stories about politics, stories about science, stories about education—stories that could really make a difference in people's lives. But as long as these reporters are tied up in the over-amplified minutiae of the Bryant case, those stories are going by the wayside.

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  1. But what else is there to cover now that Ben and J-Lo have split up?

  2. roy horn and tiger maulings. um, like, HELLO.

  3. can’t this just be seen as an efficient use of resources. if the paper doesn’t have any specialized resources to shed new light on the story I would not choose it over the glossier national coverage.


  4. I personally don’t have much interest in the Kobe Bryant story, so this paper would be giving me what I want, were I living in the area it is distributed. Maybe I should move out there to get some relief.

  5. Tiger maulings are so earlier this week.

  6. Sounds like the Aspen Daily News is my kind of paper. I’d like to see a daily newspaper with a policy of covering only REAL news–keeping an eye on what people with power are doing to line their pockets. All infotainment crap about O.J., Jon-Benet, nannies, Laci, Kobe, and babies stuck in wells would be relegated to bulleted short items on the left-hand margin. There’s got to be a market segment out there of people who want to be LESS ignorant after they read the paper.

    Back when the Simpson case was big news, I prided myself on not knowing enough about it to have an opinion, and not caring enough to learn anything. Every time I heard the name “O.J.” on the TV, I’d grab the remote and click before I could hear any more. But just from the amount of the story I got exposed to when the remote wasn’t handy and I was busy with something, etc., I absorbed enough information to form an opinion against my will. But thank God, I don’t have an opinion on who killed Laci Peterson.

  7. Wow, a newspaper that actually discovered it still has an ounce of journalistic intergrity left.

    Who would’ve thought it possible?

  8. This is a really fantastic development – and executed with exactly the right amount of earnest pomposity too!

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