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Change the Climate, the drug policy reform group that has tangled with transit authorities in Boston and Washington, D.C., over its ads criticizing the war on drugs, is causing a stir with a new set of messages in D.C.'s Metro system. "Enjoy better sex!" says a poster featuring a man holding a woman in his arms. "Legalize and tax marijuana."

"Like other advertisers," Change the Climate founder Joseph White told the Drug Reform Coordination Network, "we're using sex, but we're using it as an opportunity to get people thinking about marijuana and marijuana policy issues, not sell products."

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  1. Pot doesn’t do that for me.

    Crack does.

  2. Not to mention how it makes tortilla chips tastier, music cooler sounding, and Scooby Doo suddenly riveting.

    (I always found the Dukes of Hazzard strangely compelling when under the influence).

  3. Is it that marijuana makes sex better or that sex makes marijuana better? I guess it doesn’t matter…either way you’re getting laid, right?

  4. Not to mention how it makes tortilla chips tastier, music cooler sounding, and Scooby Doo suddenly riveting.

    (I always found the Dukes of Hazzard strangely compelling when under the influence).

  5. I don’t see how taxing marijuana can make sex better.

  6. dammit – hate it when it hangs and does le poste double like that

  7. i bet at least a few couples use pot for sexual enhancement.

    if nothing else relaxed people have better sex. for some men large doses or potent preparations like hashish seem to retard ejaculation, which always makes for a good time.

  8. I knew my sex and marijuana binges were missing something, and now I have a name for it: TAXES!!!
    Why do so many people with perfectly good libertarian positions feel the need to compromise them with calls for offsetting tributes to government?

  9. because peter, most people in the united states do not believe they have the right to control their own body, whether it’s the right to die by one’s own hand or the ability to choose what psychoactives go into it. so you have to throw a bone to people who feel altering one’s state of mind through illicit chemical means is a horrible, horrible sin. taxes are usually a pretty good bone for people who would otherwise equate marijuana with communism or whathaveyou.

    this attitude will change, maybe, when they get around to fucking food in a serious way. or maybe not…people are remarkably complacent on this issue, or one-sided. a lot of my more lefty dopehead friends are big on the psychoactive issue and freedom but blow me off when i try to portray taxation as armed robbery. i’m sure some right wingers do the same thing in reverse.

  10. Man, watch the money roll in when pot is taxed . . . then get ’em again by taxing unhealthy snack foods . . . and th RIAA can hop aboard with a surcharge on CD reissues of old Grateful Dead concerts.

  11. I hate it when pro-legalization people claim that legalizing marijuana will make it harder for kids to get it. Even when I was 17 I could buy beer at gas stations and liquor stores.

    More importantly, what’s wrong with a 16 or even 13 year old using marijuana??
    A 13 year old who uses MJ and commits a crime will be held just as accountable as an adult in the juvenile court or tried as one in the adult court.

    Legalization supporters say that marijuana is so safe, kills no one, etc. (All of which I agree with) then they support 21 age restrictions or vague “kids shouldn’t use pot” positions. If it’s as safe as they say it is, where’s the harm in teens using it? Afraid they’ll burn their hands on a joint?

    Drug war opponents and those who support people using whatever drug they want always claim that anti-drug types use baseless assertions not backed up by science, then they turn around and do the same thing to young people. A real legalizer doesn’t attempt to shift his opponent’s attention to a less powerful (politically) group.

    The aldateration argument is also very weak. What drug dealer wants to hurt his client? Not only do you lose their business, but you lose the business of anyone they tell. Why would a drug dealer give away drugs for free?

    The easiest analogy is:If you order a Coke from me and pay the “Coke” price (~$1), what possible purpose can be served by me putting rum in it? The shot of rum increases my costs, but I’m not charging you anymore. When you taste the rum or get drunk, you may be very mad that I spiked your drink and will tell all of your friends.
    What profit minded bartender gives way free alcohol in stealth?

  12. Wars are won one battle at a time.

    To expect a 180 reversal in a week is not in accord with political inertia.

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