Chowderheads Debate Baseball Allegiance


One unintended consequence of the climax to California's gubernatorial spectacle/reality TV pilot program: Without it deflecting attention from the Democratic presidential nomination race, it's becoming clear that the Dems have less going on than Gary Coleman, Mary Carey, etc.

Witness this edifying battle raging between John Kerry and Howard Dean:

Kerry last month accused Dean, the former Vermont governor and current front-runner for the Democratic nomination, of being a Yankees fan.

Dean, a New York native, called the accusation insulting, and insisted he backs Boston.

"Howard Dean has a relationship with the Yankees that goes way back so we hope he is willing to put some chowder behind his childhood team," Kerry spokeswoman Kelley Benander said.

Dr. Dean, forever the populist manque, channeled Ethel and Julius Rosenberg (who famously fretted over the fate of the proletarian Brooklyn Dodgers in a series of jailhouse letters), and responded by saying he wants to see a Cubs-Bosox series:

"I always root for the underdog," Dean said. "Those are the two biggest underdogs."

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  1. The Tribe last won a Series in 1948. They also won 1 or 2 previous to that.

  2. It’ll be Marlins over BoSox in 7. 1986 all over again. Is Willis the new Gooden?

  3. 1920 was the other Indians WS win.

  4. Who cares?

  5. Say it, Jean Bart: chow-dah! chow-dah!

  6. The Bosox deserve what they get (don’t tell that to my mother-in-law!). They won THREE (3) WS with the Babe (1915, 1916, 1918). Not only was he a great hitter, he was also the premier pitcher in the AL before becoming an outfielder. With the Bosox in WS play, he was 3-0 with a 0.87 ERA as a starting pitcher, including a run of 29 2/3 straight scoreless innings as a starter (I mean “stah-tah”).

    By the way, why do New Englanders (I mean New Englan-dahs) say “-er” when a word ends in “-a”, but say “-ah” when a word ends in “-er”? Are you just doing that to mess with the rest of us? 🙂

  7. Both suffixes are pronounced the same, they just sound different because of what your brain is expecting to hear.

  8. Hmmmmmmmm,

    Not so sure about that. I distinctly hear “-er” when my father-in-law pronounces either of my daughters’ names. Maybe I’ll mike him up to an oscilloscope the next time I see him.

    And didn’t Bobby Kennedy stump on a platform of “lohr ‘n’ ah-dah” (law & order)? 🙂

  9. That’s two championships for the Cubs, Mark A, ’07 and ’08.

  10. Howard Dean grew up in Brooklyn. You would think he would root for the Brooklyn Dodgers.

  11. Mark

    My Gandfather was from Bar Harbor (Bah Hahbah) and his second wife from Winthrop, ME.

    Both said “-er” as “-ah”, but both “-er” as “-a” endings are pronounced as “-er” when followed by a vowel. This is also done by some English people and Australians.

  12. corrected version of second sentence (preview before post!)

    Both said “-er” as “-ah”, but both “-er” and “-a” endings were pronounced as “-er” when followed by a word beginning with a vowel. This is also done by some English people and some Australians.

  13. “And didn’t Bobby Kennedy stump on a platform of “lohr ‘n’ ah-dah” (law & order)?”

    Yes (well actually I think after he became a liberal he campaigned against the “L&O” thing as republican intolerance, “L&O” was one of those buzzword things back then), and JFK said something about doing something to “Cuber and” something else.

    But to get on topic if Hillary can be a Yankees fan, and win, can’t anyone?

  14. Talk about politics of personal destruction – a Yankees fan? You’re gonna make him cry, John.

  15. He’s not even right about the underdogs. The White Sox have a longer World Series championship drought than the Red Sox.

  16. Now THAT’S dirty politics at its lowest!

  17. When did the Cleveland Indians ever win, for that matter? And the last time the BoSox won was at the expense of the Cubs, who in turn only ever won the WS once — in 1908.

  18. I think the selling-Babe-Ruth’s-contract-to-the-Yankees angle gets the drought more attention. It’s a pretty good story.

    Go Cubbies!

  19. If the Cubs face the Yanks, I look forward to heaps of ridicule being dumped on the junior Senator from Noo Yawk, who grew up as a congenital Cubs fan in the suburbs north of Chicago. When she started to claim to be a fan of a NY 9, she didn’t even have the decency to stay within the National League, but whored herself out to the larger, and – oh, delicious irony – RICHER group of fans who regularly frontrun for the Bronx Bombers.

    Carpetbagging is par for the course for Highlanders fans – their team was once the Baltimore Orioles. Howard Dean can’t root for the Dodgers because they don’t exist anymore. There is some team out in L.A. masquerading as them, though. It’s not the same thing.


    (Let’s Go, Mets!)

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