Fiscally Libertarian, Socially Christian Soldier


Tom McClintock's deputy campaign manager and former top legislative analyst, John Stoos, has a dream:

"I dream of the day when a strong Christian majority is elected to a city council somewhere in America. This council could then pass a resolution declaring that abortion is now illegal in their city," Stoos wrote this year in a conservative religious journal.

"Of course, the city attorney would quickly tell them that they cannot do this, at which point he should be fired and a good pro-life attorney should be hired to replace him," he continued. "Next up would be the police chief, who would likely say he could not enforce such a law. Again, the council should accept his letter of resignation and hire someone who would."

Stoos, a regular contributor to the Chalcedon Report, has also railed against that nefarious "homosexual agenda," according to the Los Angeles Times.

"If these sinners who desperately need the great gift of salvation in Jesus Christ can do so much in the power of the flesh to defend practices that the general public finds repulsive," Stoos wrote, "then what should we as Christians be doing to advance the kingdom of Christ in the power of the Holy Spirit?

"The critical question," he continued, "is whether we as Christians are prepared to show the same resolve and discipline and do the kind of hard work that the homosexuals have done over the past fifteen years promoting their ungodly agenda. Lord willing, in the power of the Holy Spirit, we can!"

In the April 2003 issue, Stoos wrote that "Christians are the only people who can restore the proper biblical understanding of government to our modern system."

McClintock told the Times: "I was not aware that he was writing for this journal and I'm upset to find that out?.That disturbs me greatly."