Bush's 'Humble' Foreign Policy, Pt. 37


John Walters, the factually and jurisdictionally challenged director of the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy, traveled to Rome recently to deliver a major finger-wagging to the Dutch, who he accused of being insufficiently enthusiastic about snuffing out the ecstasy trade.

Walters said police should be given greater powers to tap telephone conversations and Dutch authorities should make more use of criminal infiltrators [?]

This means that in order for them to infiltrate drugs gangs, justice authorities allow the informers to engage in criminal acts. But such investigation methods were banned in the Netherlands in the wake of the IRT affair in the 1990s, when a specialist police unit actively imported huge amounts of drugs while infiltrating drugs gangs.

In response, Boris Dittrich, head of the Dutch political party Democrat D66, pointed out that "we are not a province of America." (Link via Colby Cosh)