All Hail Gen. McClark


The WashPost had an online chat today with reporter Vernon Loeb about Gen. Wesley K. Clark, just about the least inspiring military man to stump for president since good ol' Gen. George McClellan took his best shot against Honest Abe. Even given the weakness of the Democratic field (which is not to suggest that the GOP has anything going for it), I can't imagine that the general will get very far at all.

While the Post chat is wide-ranging and revealing, it regrettably stops short of listing Wes' favorite band, food, soft drink, and color. Here's the opening exchange about this "fascinating" man:

Vernon Loeb: Greetings everybody. Today's topic: Wesley K. Clark. He is a fascinating man, and it will be fascinating to see how he does as a presidential candidate.

Portland, Ore.: Your personality profile of Clark and the comments of those who don't like him or trust him reads like the personality of any man with enough ego and ambition to presume he could be President of th United States. Wouldn't anybody that ambitious rub people the wrong way? A Fast Climber Who Has Made Some Enemies (Post, Sept. 17)

Vernon Loeb: Yes, you're absolutely right. Similar stories are most likely told about everyone in the field. I think Clark's detractors would say that he's even more ambitious and manipulative than your typical ambitious and manipulative Washington power player. And I think Clark's success as a candidate could well be determined by whether his campaign can establish a sense of steadiness and control, or whether his intense and emotional personality will lead to a political flame out, in which critics attack, and Clark attacks back, and things quickly get out of control and he loses credibility.