Another Immigrant Abuses Our Laws?


One of the most resonant arguments against illegal immigration is that it's, well, illegal. Broken windows and all that. As immigrant Arnold Schwarzenegger has said, "People like myself waited for 15 years after I came to this country—legally—to get citizenship." I guess it depends on the meaning of the word "legally." From a San Jose Mercury News article:

As a 21-year-old bodybuilder, Schwarzenegger came to the United States in 1968 on a B-1 visa, which allows visiting athletes to compete and train, but bars them from drawing a salary from an American company.

But in his 1977 autobiography, Schwarzenegger said he reached a deal with a legendary figure in the bodybuilding industry "to pay me a weekly salary in exchange for my information and being able to use photographs of me in his magazine."

That arrangement, said a half-dozen immigration attorneys across the nation, appears to have violated the terms of his visa.

Link via Daniel Weintraub.