The Golden Age of Celebrity Profiles?


I don't know about you, but my reaction to reading what Mickey Kaus is calling the Schwarzengangbanger story was "Damn, they sure used to have interesting magazine interviews in the '70s?"

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  1. As I said on my blog.. I’m jealous!

  2. I was a personal trainer after getting out of the Marines, and while I never cared enough to go that big or simply be that committed, I always loved reading anything by Arnold or his interviews.

    Alot of guys in sports or acting only get their relaxed, I can take it or leave it attitude after they’ve made it and they never really were the ultra cool and confident achiever.

    His Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding, while not as ribald, was very candid and if taken seriously, could probably help alot of the overly obsessed types that get into BB.

  3. I said all of that and you still couldn’t pay me to vote for him (if I was even in CA).

  4. After doing a page-by-page breakdown of the interview, I don’t see anything in Oui that Arnold hasn’t discussed before in his books. Sure, it’s a little more graphic, but the stories are basically the same.

  5. Right on. The interview made be even more excited to vote for him.

  6. If he were willing to make those statements today I’d be impressed. I suspect that like all politicians, once he’s in office he’ll make alliances the status quo.

  7. Arnold’s reaction was fantastic — “I haven’t lived my life to be a politician.”

  8. >>If he were willing to make those statements today I’d be impressed. I suspect that like all politicians, once he’s in office he’ll make alliances the status quo.

    Or else once they’re married and off the drugs they realize that there’s a better life to be had then the ones they lived in their stupid immature drunken youths.

  9. Citizen,
    Don’t forget the realization that it is now their duty to spare/prevent everybody else from enjoying the stupid immature lifestyle no longer available to them.

  10. One thing that makes me sick is when I see parents/teachers/etc tell their youngsters how much fun their “crazy youth” was with a wink wink and a nudge nudge. Growing up and gain maturity are acceptable if not necessary. Hypocracy is not. I see Arnie’s “lifestyle change” as the first of the two.

    He still won’t get my vote.

  11. Sorta puts the lie to: “once you’ve tried black, you never go back”.

  12. Just wondering if Reason will have to move its offices out of Los Angeles if Cruz Bustamante wins the recall race? Bustamante refuses to cut ties to racist MEChA. FOR THE RACE EVERYTHING, OUTSIDE THE RACE NOTHING. Aztlan is the area that is currently the southwest United States, but Mechistas claim Aztlan is their homeland to be returned to Mexico and the group says white Americans who currently govern these areas must be removed from power.


  13. Now Clinton’s really determined to see Arnold lose… if only because of jealousy…

  14. hmmm… the 70s sure was a blast. governator, yah! too bad the club sex is now close!!! dang he a hottie… but hey now there’s real competition!

  15. Now there’s I candidate I could vote for!

  16. I should be held accountable for the things I was saying in ’79:

    “I hate girls”
    “My sisters are all boogerheads.”

    I continue to stand behind the second statement.

  17. Cruz Bustamante has already proven he’s a racist at the function honoring blacks when he casually uttered the “n” word – guess he’s used to saying it everyday.

  18. Oui really did have good interviews in the seventies. I remember one with Brian Wilson, where he talked about how he hid in the bath house when Paul McCartney came to visit. And he kept asking the interviewer, “Do you have any uppers? I could really do some good work now if I had some uppers.”

  19. Of course Cruz Bustamante is a vile racist. Don’t tell the immigration folks that run this joke called Reason Foundation though.

  20. Josey, can’t someone be pro-immigration without being pro-Bustamante?

  21. Climbing dangerously off-topic here: Mickey Kaus occasionally veers into overly cloying/smarmy territory — and he is about as far from prolific as a writer can get — but he’s the best blogger going these days.

    I’ll certainly take Kaus over Glenn Reynolds’ lamer-than-lame aping of Kaus. (Especially when Reynolds swipes the little “editor’s note” gimmick. LAME. Though I’m sure Reynolds would excuse it as being an insider-blog-referential joke. Which would be LAMER STILL.)

    Anybody else catch Instapundit’s pathetic thing recently with that new car he wanted? He kept trying to cajole Kaus (a sometimes-auto-critic) into writing about some new model Reynolds was interested in. It came off like a really transparent suck-up (with the tone of, “Hey, Mickey, you’re the bestest auto critic out there, so I’ve GOTTA know what you think.”)

    Best of all, though, Kaus completely ignored him, in public at least, and made Reynolds look like a goofball. One got the sense that the underlying message was, “Um, dude, I’m a real writer who gets paid for my work. You’re a cheesoid blogger who is starting to annoy me by presuming you’ve got the weight to assign stories my way. Don’t ever pressure me like this in public again, nerdo.”

    Sorry about the early morning sniping. Reynolds, whose politics are just dandy, doesn’t get called out enough for his hubris, which is grating.

  22. > Sorry about the early morning sniping.

    Usually when you have to apologize for a post, you shouldn’t post it in the first place.

    BTW, calling people nerds in an internet message board???

  23. Who called anybody a nerd? The word “nerd” (actually “nerdo”) was offered in a speculative quote about what someone else might be thinking. I’m no more “calling people nerds,” simply because the word appeared in my post, than you are, simply because the word appears in yours.

    As for “Usually when you have to apologize for a post, you shouldn’t post it in the first place”: That may usually be the case, but it is not the case here.

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