John Edwards

Johnny Come Home


Todd Morman offers nine reasons to think John Edwards will drop out of the race before Christmas.

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  1. John who?

  2. Good bleeping riddance. Edwards is a Clintonesque pretty boy with strong DLC credentials. His MO is to sell himself by turning on the empathy and “feeling our pain,” after which he fulfills his real function as a corporate tool (again, just like Slick Willie).

  3. Interesting that “not protectionist enough” is one of those reasons. And, of course, Mr. Morman also criticizes the Bush Administration for being way too pro-free trade– on textiles! Just goes to show you where the Democratic Party stands on trade. He’s correct that a pro-war stance won’t win the Democratic nomination, though I doubt it’s the general election millstone he seems to think.

    The rest of his reasons look quite correct to me. Sen. Faircloth did indeed run a terrible campaign, and of course Sen. Edwards’s inability to beat Bush in NC undercuts his own running position. It’s true that Edwards doesn’t appeal to blacks that much; I wonder if Mr. Morman opposes Howard Dean for similar reasons?

  4. I don’t “oppose” Edwards because he doesn’t appeal to blacks that much. What I said was that his attempt to simultaneously appeal to conservative Southern whites and NAACP members isn’t working. I’m also not personally much of a protectionist, although I do object strenuously to the completely undemocratic way decisions are made in bodies like the WTO, and definitely think the U.S. position on awarding “most-favored nation” status should take basic democratic freedoms into account. Those are hardly anti-libertarian positions on their face, are they?

    What I was trying to do with the textile part of the post is point out that Edwards’ DLC-approved position on trade makes him incapable of taking advantage of the clearly angry, protectionist mood among the very Southern swing voters he claims he’s courting with his pro-invasion position. I think that also contributes to the crappy chances I see for his campaign.

    I’d never claim to be a diehard free marketeer, but I do think my positions are a bit more thought-out than your standard left-leaning capitalist-who-likes-a-social-safety-net.

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