Drug War Hysteria, Part MCMXII


Yet one more sign of the anti-drug insanity at work in these United States, courtesy of the AP:

Sprint Corp. is remaking phone books distributed in central Florida after learning that the colorful cover art could be sending the wrong message.

The phone book in south Lake County features the magenta petals of the opium-bearing poppy, the flower used to make heroin.

Sprint spokeswoman Darcy Miller said the picture was chosen from stock art for its color and attractiveness but has been deleted and will not be used again.

Workers for Sprint recently distributed thousands of the books to the communities of Clermont, Groveland, Mascotte, Minneola and Montverde.

Miller said no one at the Sprint office in Kansas City, Kan., where the picture was selected, realized that the photograph depicted the poppy until she was contacted by a newspaper. She said the books will not be recalled.

Next thing you know, DEA agents will be arresting veterans hawking "Buddy Poppies" on street corners and shopping malls.