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Arianna Huffington now has a blog. With comments, too!

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  1. Summary: She’s a good mother, and people are mean to her.

  2. I thought the Al Franken comments were priceless.

  3. “My priorities would be the priorities a mother has for her children: a quality education; affordable and readily accessible health care; and a safe clean world to live in.”

    Wow, that’s so terribly fucking different than every other politician who has ever lived, the woman should be given a Noble Prize just for saying it!

    But it’s nice to know someone in politics is keeping the heart and soul of quotas and gender discrimination alive. You know, terribly dangerous to let these men run things, because we all know they don’t care about _the children_ – facts about child-abuse be damned!

    Oh, and don’t forget – Do It For The Children!

    Oh how uselessly shallow politics is, how bereft of scholarship and original thoughts, how empty of anything beyond “I agree with everything you, the voter, think at this given moment, so vote for me!”

    And then the COMMENTS section. Oh dear God, I’m sorry for thinking you don’t exist and all, but take me now! There can’t be anything left worth seing! *uncontrollable sobbing*

    …nah, just kidding. Good thing there is more to life than politics, or one might as well shoot oneself in the head now.

  4. Oh, on the comments – shwew, read a little farther and at least it begins to lighten up a bit and have the occassional redeeming bit thrown in…but always to be followed by the whole “woman good, men bad” line.

    Oh how I do detest that the way of things is for arguments for equality to be inevitably used, in short order, as tools for another round of oppression. “Women are inferior – men are inferior; women don’t get it, men don’t get it; women do this, and this, and that over there, and men do this and this and that”…and it never seems to occur to them that they are being fooled by improper sampling and cultural gender roles. But then, the idea that sex and gender are different things entirely is not apparently a very popular one.

    Ah well, back to me book readin’.

  5. (sigh) It’s just not the same without hearing that Zsa-Zsa accent.

  6. Call Mary for a referral for the boob job.

  7. I wish she’d just get it over with and do a porno movie already.

  8. EMAIL:
    DATE: 01/20/2004 09:32:07
    There is no great genius without some touch of madness.

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