Friday Marginalia


If the combination of socks and sandals drives you batty, please don't look at this site. (Link via Doug Arellanes)

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  1. after we finish the war on terrorism . . . .

  2. “A smart German fellow.” LOL

  3. We have to put a stop to this for the sake of the children!

  4. My daughter and I had lunch on the southside of Birmingham, Alabama today. One is apt to see anything there. We saw a gent in socks and sandles and enjoyed the spectacle. My daughter was greatly amused and commented on the oddity. I can hardly wait to share the site with her! Thanks for the laughs!

  5. FIE! There is nothing wrong with a sock sandal combo. Sandals may be worn bare toed of course, but there is no reason, they can’t besole a sock clad foot as well. I suppose you’d rather see festering boils, ingrown nails, and fungus?


  6. Here in Arizona I see people in socks and sandles all the time. The only explanation I can think of is that they’re trying to prevent sun-burned feet. But I still think it’s as silly as can be.

  7. Every soldier in the Roman legion wore socks inside his sandals. The Roman Empire probably wouldn’t have gotten outside its Italian borders, were it not for those knit socks.

  8. Ugly toenails, that’s the reason for the socks.

  9. ROTFLMAO! Just what I needed to get my week up and (sorry) running.

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