Big Box


New at Reason: Kerry Howley shops the Penthouse Boutique, a store that wants to WalMart the sex shop industry.

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  1. Agreed on Post Titles. As a movie- and comics- reference lover, my favorites recently have been “Good Afternoon, Mr. Yakamoto” (Minority report)on targeted marketing, and “Conviction of The Innocent”(after Seduction of the Innocent, the anti-comics book of the 1950’s, which made them more “suitable for chilren”)in reference to the guy jailed for selling an adult comic.

    Keep up the amazing reference-making.
    What is the web about, if not making connections?

  2. The article mentions that there are other adult stores in town. They didn’t seem to have any trouble getting their permits. Why can’t Penthouse Boutique?

  3. Most likely Penthouse Boutique is being singled out because of it’s scale and the plublicity it generated. The other shops are small, quiet, and out of the way, so they can be ignored by those who want to pretend that such things don’t exist. I hope PB wins and gets to stay open, I want to check it out. 🙂

  4. Penthouse Boutique is trying NOT to get a permit.

  5. Penthouse Boutique sounds like a fine merkin enterprise.

  6. I very much doubt that they sell merkins there.

    Those haven’t been in regular use for a long time. You’d probably have to do specialty mail-order.

  7. “Big Box”, heh heh! Is that a pun or is my mind just too far in the gutter this afternoon?

    Y’all do have great titles to your posts. You can learn a lot from the Wall Street Journal.

  8. its really a shame that the town of milford is making a case about this boutique! like many have said before… there are PLENTY of other stores around that area that received their permits! i have been in this store and its beautiful! very well done compared to the other seedy stores! sex is a part of life!

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