Good Afternoon, Mr. Yakamoto

| reports on the burgeoning practice of "counter-Googling"—the use of the 'Net to individually tailor services at, e.g., hotels, to customers.

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  1. Ayatollah, we all know that you’re really a mountain goat. And I actually am proud to be a merkin.

  2. Ummm, it don’t work that way…
    There’s no way you can convince me it’s worth paying the desk clerk at your hotel to read umpteen thousand blog entries of every guy that checks in so he can try and figure out if he’d rather watch the sun rise or set, instead of, you know, asking him.

  3. Good idea. Now I guess companies will hire “counter-googlers”. What a cool job title!

  4. I love the Minority Report reference as the title for this post.

  5. what ever happened to mass customization as a trend anyway? Now you can do it yourself for free. Cool.

  6. But how many of us use our real-life personas over the net? I use dead link e-mail addresses, pun-ny pseudonyms. I shudder to think a hotel making decisions for me thinking I’m either middle eastern or Italian.

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