Shoes Must Be Worn In the Senate!


New at Reason: What do John Romero and D.W. Griffith have in common? Jesse Walker explains it all.

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  1. Cool article Jesse.
    In the past few years I’ve been reading of more and more people looking at video games as an emerging art form, a view I happen to agree with.

    One thing that doesn’t get a large amount of media play is the number of adults who play video games. We currently have an entire generation who grew up in arcades & in front of the 2600, NES, etc. for whom a video game is just another form of entertainment. Maybe in a few years the “video games are a new dangerious thing” will wane and I can play Grand Theft Auto 5 without screeching moralists whining about it on TV constantly. Probably not though.

  2. GTA4 should have more politicians in it. vice city’s congressman shrub was an excellent character whom you not only got to blackmail for cross dressing hijinks with a porn star but who helps you start your mini movie empire.

    plus all the horrible things you could do to digital politicians would make it quite the sell among taxpayer gamers…

  3. Dickerson’s bill is even more bizarre for restricting only the sale to minors of games depicting the killing of law enforcement officers (which for some reason includes firefighters). Adults would still be allowed to buy the games, minors would still be allowed to play the games, and there’s no restriction on the depiction of any other kind of killing. This raises questions such as whether it’s okay to shoot at Gestapo or KGB agents, whether the agents in Enter the Matrix qualify as law enforcement, etc. There’s a restraining order on the law, pending trial, so with any luck it will be a moot point until the next idiot decides to Save The Children (TM).

    By the way, I’m not missing the point of the article, which is a good one, but Dickerson just annoys me mightily.

  4. Tim, the link is linking to itself.

  5. Oh yes, Mrs. Dickerson. I happen to live in her district and will be looking forward to the next election so that we can promptly remove her. Although, I don’t think a republican held her seat since the Carter Admin.

  6. What about all the nice housewives, like me, who play games instead of watching soap operas?

    Most of us didn’t have wild affairs and lapse into comas and dream sequences when hooked on AMC, few of us go on crime sprees because of GTA.

    The rage and bloodlust inspired by such political antics, however, may be difficult to control.

    When I heard “if it doesn’t fit, you must acquit,” all I could think was “starts with T, rhymes with P, and that stands for pool.”

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