Did Arnie Dick Riordan?


That's what the L.A. Times reports today.

Riordan was "stunned" when he learned from a television newscast that Schwarzenegger would challenge Gov. Gray Davis for the state's top post, according to one of Riordan's closest confidants.

The story seems to be based on a single anonymous adviser, so I wouldn't be so sure. Schwarzy (as the French call him) certainly hung a confidant or two out to dry, in order to create the surprise. And apologies to those bored by California politics—the recall is a story that just keeps on giving.

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  1. There seems to be no shortage of excitement in this election. I have a big post up on my blog for anyone who’s interested, about all the pop-culture references one can make… and speculation on Arnold’s future and the election’s outcome.
    Click on the name to visit the blog.

  2. Yeah, it’s gonna be great–two more months of lame “total recall” puns, “Arnie ‘terminates’ x” puns, “running man,” etc. Hilarious.

  3. No mention of Angelyne?

  4. Hopefully when the mud settles in two years Riorden can get a clean crack at the post. Good luck Dick.

  5. My co-workers and I were chatting about this CA election. A great zinger from the guy in my cube pod, “How long until the rest of the cast of Predator runs for governor?”
    (given of course Ventura and Schwarzenegger). A little IMDB found Sonny Landham, who played Billy in Predator- http://us.imdb.com/Bio?Landham,%20Sonny

    Where are they now
    (May 2002) Currently running for governor of Kentucky

    I tell ya, we couldn’t make this stuff up… Maybe I ought to go back to school for a PhD in Poli Sci based wholly on deconstructing “Predator”.

  6. What a great discovery. Sonny Landham’s website is worth a visit too:

    “WHY I RUN”

    I am running for governor of Kentucky as the people’s advocate. My mission statement is service to the citizens of Kentucky. Kentucky is your home as it is my home, and I want our home to be all that it can be. I am not the perfect candidate by any stretch of the imagination, but I promise all the people of Kentucky, that I will be the best governor the people of Kentucky ever had. To make these plans a reality, I need the prayers of each and every one of you and I also need your financial support.”

  7. Rex, nice blog there. I especially liked the Terminator bit with the terrorists:)


  8. It was reported that Sonny Landham of “Predator” promised during his campaign for governor of Kentucky that every kid in the state would be able to read by 1st grade. Landham says he was misquoted entirely. He meant, every person in Kentucky would be able to read by the time their own kid was in first grade.

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