Stumping Iron


It's already been on the wires—not to mention Hit & Run—but the broadcast didn't go out until half an hour ago. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the only man ever to succeed in Hollywood with a surname consisting of two racial slurs, is running for governor.

Here's the short version of his appearance on The Tonight Show:

1. Arnold is for "the people."

2. Arnold is against "the special interests."

3. Arnold thinks "the politicians" should do "their jobs."

At one point he slipped and said something negative about "the unions." This drew dead silence from the crowd, and he quickly returned to criticizing special interests in vaguer terms. This was the Jay Leno show, after all; better to keep things bland.

Could he win? Yeah, he could. But it'll be tough. With a field this wide, Schwarzenegger can't even count on the ironic-gesture vote.