NY Times Rejects My Advice, Again


The Paper of Record, still sorting out the Jayson Blair mess, has decided to name a ?public editor,? which is a non-Swedish way of saying ?ombudsman.? As I argue in the August issue of Reason, the ombudsman concept was designed as a way for murky, state-owned bureaucracies to throw a bone to alienated customers, or to sweep public relations problems under the rug. Enron has an ombudsman, Southwest Airlines does not. Monopolist newspapers have been embracing the concept for the past 35 years or so, and the Times? long-standing refusal to jump on this journalistic bandwagon was always a signal, to me at least, that it was too busy competing to mollify the gatekeeper establishment. Oh well.

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  1. “Ombudsman” looks to me like it means a Buddhist marijuana pusher.

  2. Please accept my application to be Reason’s ombudsman, should it ever become a murky, state-owned bureacracy. “Fair and balanced” would be my motto.

  3. hey Lefty,

    sure — you can have that position. it’s paid the free market rate…. 🙂

    only if i can be minister of secular affairs in the ashcroft f?hrerschaft

    and dammit, what happened to the Twins? grrrr. this means that the Sux (no Sic!) will win the central. their radio guys make that yankee guy seem cool and normal. please don’t submit us to that! c’mon Twins!! (‘cuz KC and my Indians never had a chance)


  4. Well, if the Boston Globe’s Ombudsperson representative of the position, they’ll spend all their time dealing with important issues like telling readers how to tell which edition they’re getting (no, seriously:


    and ignore the little stuff like pervasive lefty bias….

  5. I think the Twins are toast. Pitching, which should have been their strong suit, isn’t holding up (same with the Cards – groan). I’ll pull for anybody but the Socks.

    The bright news is that the St. Paul Saints are leading the Northern League. Last week they pinch hit the 83 year old Minnie Minoso, setting a record of some sort.

  6. What cycle is it now, pervasive lefty bias or pervasive righty bias? Which paper is this again?

    I’ve gotten myself all confused trying to keep track…

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