Kerry, We Hardly Knew Ye


By the way, Kerry Howley's meditation on Jennifer Lopez is her last Reason article, at least for a while. Kerry's all-too-brief internship has come to an end. She did a great job for Reason and, more important for my purposes, produced plenty of great stories for the site. Get 'em while they're hot:

In praise of male plastic surgery;

In fascination with Stanley Crouch;

In bewilderment at same-sex marriage;

In despair over the lobbying power of old farts;

In Christ, and in jail.

Keep your eyes peeled for future Howleyiana, both here and around the media world.

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  1. Kerry,

    thanks for your articles — liked them — were you going onto — you get hired as Jason Blairs replacement? 😉 good luck

  2. Is she as hot as Sara Rimensnyder? Sara should be the right’s pin-up instead of that stick Ann Coulter.

  3. I am still pining after Laura Main, Reason’s
    art director back in the 80s.

    Anyone know what happened to her?

    Jeff Smith

  4. hey Kerry, good luck to you, and thanks for your work at Reason!


  5. Kerry,
    Not everything you wrote made me want to wretch. Keep up the good work in you next endeavor, and good luck to you.

  6. And now she joins that most elite and exclusive
    of groups: former reason interns. 🙂

    Jeff Smith
    (by the way, a former reason intern 83-84, 84-85)

  7. “One can imagine a future in which the rate of same-sex marriage is higher than that of heterosexual marriage, as a traditionally marginalized segment of society seeks acceptance through dated social conventions.”

    Which makes stranger bedfellows: politics or social progress?? 🙂

  8. “…Madonna herself used to undo Debbie Harry…”

    Madonna undid Debbie Harry?? Debbie Harry and Blondie made their punk cum new wave persona really intriguing and inviting. The music is still edgy and fun and she sported an uncommon hot look.

  9. Madonna undid Debbie Harry? Does Guccione have pictures? Video?

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