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New at Reason: Is J.Lo inexplicable? What does she do, exactly? Will her third marriage be the charm? Is she the new Madonna, or just an updated version of the Gabor sisters? Kerry Howley contemplates Jennifer Lopez and still manages to stay awake.

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  1. Nice butt, though.

  2. J-Lo is a corporate-media creation; She’s the modern day Monkees, only shee makes more money. that’s all.

  3. A cross-platformed media construct famous for being famous.

    So yeah, an updated Gabor sister basically.

  4. Why the fuck should we care? This was the kind of fluff piece that belongs in People mag. I don’t mind articles on pop culture, but for christ sake, they should at least have some point to them.

    FWIW: IMHO her ass used to be magnificent, now it’s merely nice.

  5. I’d hit it.

  6. This article, like others, has the annoying feature of the small, teaser picture on the Reason front page, but no larger picture on the article page.

  7. Lopez has made it very far with very little actual talent.

  8. Talent is not necessary in the world we live in. It’s a strange phenomenon, really. It used to be, one became famous for being good at something – i.e. virtue made one famous. Today, fame has evolved into its own virtue, i.e. people assume that, because one is famous, he/she must necessarily also be virtuous.

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