DEA Tripper


Will Wilkinson takes a look at that font of knowledge, the Drug Enforcement Agency museum. Will also reminds us that it would be very, very wrong to take an ironic day trip to the DEA museum after burning a spliff, hitting a bong, dropping a tab, popping a roll, munching a shroom, blowing a line, or otherwise altering your brain chemistry in an unapproved fashioin.


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  1. Astonishing! I am simply dumbfounded by the level of propaganda that these baffoons will go to. What kind of acid are these power trippers on anyway? Their reality is completely distorted!

  2. Their gift shop links are broken! I can’t buy a DEA teddy bear!

  3. Wiggum: Now, what I am about to show you next may shock and educate you. Hold onto your values as we step through the looking glass into a hippie pot party.

    [flicks a switch, lighting a mannequin with a joint crudely stuck to his mouth]

    While Johnny Welfare plays acid rock on a stolen guitar, his old lady has a better idea.

    [lights up another mannequin, of a woman opening wide to eat a baby sandwich. (That’s a sandwich with a baby in it, not a really tiny sandwich.) The crowd gasps]

    That’s right, she’s got the munchies for a California Cheeseburger.

  4. Thanks for that link. I had no idea the DEA played an active role in the Iraqi Occupation! Whoops! I mean Liberation.

  5. I like how the DOJ “museum” makes no mention of alcohol’s history as 20C illegal drug. Couldn’t admit they made a mistake or anything like that!

  6. I’m not defintely getting stoned and going to this. Sweet.

  7. The gift shop is back online!!! Get those teddy bears while you can!!!

  8. Yeah, all the links on the gift shop page are broken, they all lead to a DOJ 404 error page, so you’ll have to take my word for it that among the items I’ve noticed for sale on the DEA page in the past was a lovely DEA logo Christmas tree ornament. I believe it was in celebration of the DEA’s 25th, and Jesus Christ’s 1998th, year.

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    DATE: 01/25/2004 05:05:41
    To be poor without bitterness is easy; to be rich without arrogance is hard.

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