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Yet another libertarian group-blog has been born, and it looks like a potential powerhouse. The contributors to Liberty & Power include David Beito (author of From Mutual Aid to the Welfare State and co-editor of The Voluntary City), Jeffrey Rogers Hummel (author of Emancipating Slaves, Enslaving Free Men), and Thomas Fleming (author of The Illusion of Victory and The New Dealers' War), among others.

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  1. And David Hart, I see, whom I met at an IHS conference many moons ago. A powerhouse blog indeed.

  2. But the Reason OG Libertarian blog will always be the best.


  3. Yeah, mainly because it allows reader comments. Too bad Liberty & Power doesn’t. With its mix of paleocons and mutualism-friendly scholars like Beito, it would probably provoke some interesting debate.

  4. Or at least it’d provoke witty banter and some “powerhouse” one-liners.

  5. And pointless comments such as this one.

  6. I loved Fleming’s “New Dealers’ War” but had no idea that he was of a libertarian slant.

  7. Actually, it does allow reader comments, though not in the same format as Hit & Run’s:

  8. Justin Raimondo just had an essay about HNN being taken over by neo-cons and squashing anti-war dissent — just goes to show how far you can go being nice, intelligent,and have creditentials beyond being able to pound out a 60,000 word headache-inducing screed three times a week will get you. They must be libertarian traitors — I’m sure justin will find an angle linking them with some bad person or not quoting the thankfully dead Rothbard every paragragh.


  9. Is there ANY blog that has the same format or at least some format that lends itself to the kind of dynamism and facile expression on so many
    topics that we see here on the Reason blog? I know, I know, its highly improbable that there is a blog anywhere in the universe that can approach the QUALITY of the content we find here; but can anyone help me find one that sports the same range
    of give and take?

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