Life Under Constant Surveillance


A Washington City Paper reporter spends time being watched by the feds who cover anthrax ?person of interest? Steven Hatfill 24/7. (Via Jeremy Lott.)

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  1. I really recommend this article, for any of you not in DC, and don’t have easy access to the washington city paper, follow the link to read this sad, funny story of a few Kafkaesque days of Hatfill’s life…

  2. He sure has bad taste in movies. He ought to follow Joe Pesci’s examples in Casino in how to avoid being tailed.

  3. I don’t know about being an anthrax terrorist, but he sure is one cranky SOB.

  4. This is a very cool article. Snazzy writing that comes off neither endorsing nor condemning the strange, strange life of Hatfill.

    For those interested you can check this interview with Marilyn Thompson who just wrote The Killer Strain: Anthrax and a Government Exposed… she basically feels like Hatfill is the man.

  5. Two years and no arrest — either this Hatfill is one slick dude, or the FBI is truly incompetent. Or, here’s a shocking idea: Maybe he isn’t guilty. Whatever the answer, the fact that the person responsible for the anthrax attacks is still at large does not fill me with a huge sense of confidence in our homeland security.

  6. You’ll be okay, Fred, just keep holding your breath until Howard Dean is elected. You’ll feel a lot more secure then, I’m sure.

  7. Citizen: I wonder what your mood would be like if you were in this guy’s situation.

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