Terminator Exit


Arnold won?t run, Daniel Weintraub is reporting. UPDATE: Schwarzy political consultant George Groton says not so fast:

There are reports in the media that Arnold Schwarzenegger has decided not to run in the California recall election. These reports are incorrect.

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  1. Shouldn’t the headline have read:
    “Hasta La Vista, Baby!”?

    No matter, next scheduled election,
    ….He’ll be back.

  2. Fantastic news, if it gets Riordan to run. That would be an insane brand of cosmic justice – Davis screws Riordan in primary, GOP screws Davis with recall, and Riordan wins anyway.

  3. Turn it UP!
    Bring tha Noize!

    Who would have guessed “Rex Stetson” isn’t a Chuck D fan?

  4. Once again, Arnold shows his savvy…This recall election is going to be a mud festival…and the winner gets the same problems that cost Davis his job…evidence of circus #1: Arianna Huffington is talked about as a potential candidate.

  5. Thank you, Joe. Suggested P.E.-related Gray Davis headline — “BASE! How Low Can You Go?”

  6. Not “Countdown to Armageddon”?

  7. As I recall, the now-defunct LA Examiner website was pushing the candidacy of Hank Denny a few weeks back. Did he get cold feet as well?

  8. No, 2006 will be “The Terminator” v. “Meathead.”

  9. I don’t know which is more idiotic: the design of this electoral system, or the behavior of many of the players involved. A whole bunch of Republicans splitting the vote in a simple plurality contest, with no Democrats, in a Democratic state. Sounds like the perfect recipe for a Green governor.

  10. Matt 1:49. THAT’S funny.

  11. Well, as long as the legislature refuses to control spending it really doesn’t matter who the governor is, so I guess we should go for the most entertaining candidate 😉 Too bad Arnold’s gone.

    Now whom am I supposed to vote for? 🙁

  12. thoreau,

    One of the California’s problems is that only about 20% of its budget is actually determined by the legislature; the rest has been taken over by the populace at large via the initiative system.

  13. Well, I’m voting for Hank Denny. Sure, he’s not actually running, but then I don’t live in California, either.

  14. I am glad Schwarzenegger is not going to run. Just because somebody is famous enough to win an election is not evidence that they are competent.
    The best bet for libertarians and fiscal conservatives in the recall election is Sen. Tom McClintock, who was almost elected Controller last year.
    When Pete Wilson raised taxes, McClintock opposed the Republican governor as much as he opposes Davis.
    McClintock has opposed government programs which favor special interests, so he has always had trouble raising money. He may not be able to compete with the several millionaire candidates, but a vote for McClintock is a good protest.

  15. I saw a 98 Oldsmobile the other day. Brought back memories.

  16. whatever happened to that crazy anti-semite terminator x?

  17. Professor Griff was the one who made anti-Semitic comments, as far as I recall.

  18. California is the entertainment capitol of the world. Let the goofiness reign there, it makes the rest of us feel better about ourselves. Besides, if things get too bad in the Golden State folks can always move back to Oklahoma.

  19. I’d consider voting for Arnie. After all, he’s married to Skeletor!

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