If You Can Judge a Town by its Interns


Not long ago, the term "Washington intern" called up images of career-climbing young women conducting secret affairs with powerful men. In the Bush era, this may get replaced by boorish, privileged cads who send snotty, half-literate I-break-with-thee e-mails to ex-girlfriends under charming subject lines like "you suck." An excerpt:

"I was planning on ruining your career by making phone calls to all of my parents friends and have you blackballed from the workplace as well as every prestigous law school in the country, but then (lucky for you) I decided not to do that because you are a sad sad person and I will just let your life self destruct right before my eyes?. I am sorry, I don't care how big of sadistic crush you have on me but people like me simple don't date people like you."


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  1. I like stories about female interns giving head better than this.

  2. Is that link wrong or did I miss the joke? I am often stupid about such things….

  3. Do you have the right link, Matt? That seems to lead to a story called “What Gay Studies Taught the Court.”

  4. Link fixed, sorry! That other article was interesting, too….

  5. This is news? Who cares…

  6. I think this intern is more representative of his college than the town. 🙂

  7. And that, my friends, is why you break up in person. There’s no record and you can deny everything.

    And no, this isn’t news. But so what? This isn’t a news site.

  8. This is news? Who cares…

    News or not, it is infinitely more interesting than whether you care about it.

  9. Well, that is if you count early 2001 as the “Clinton era”… Chandra Levy? Anyone?

  10. I think it’s nice to see republicans hiring gay interns, and allowing them to flamboyantly display their heritage in pink polo. The dear girl is surely aware of the real reason he couldn’t date “people like her”.

  11. Maybe it’s the “Bill Frist era” I’m looking for….

  12. Wow, that kid huffs some serious dong. Fuck his pink shirt, fuck his ugly face, fuck republicans, fuck bush.

  13. wow another worthless post by unrepentant Clinton-lover Welch that gives him the chance to make snarky, indirect personal attacks on Bush.
    Atleast for once we didn’t get a citation from his lover Layne.

  14. sign up harDCore to the reason staff. that guy’s got spunk!

  15. The problem isn’t the fact that he is a Republican intern, its that he is an albino. You gotta watch out for them.

  16. Snarky? Who do you think you are, Encyclopedia Brown? Why don’t you get a spoon and eat my ass.

  17. Yeah sign me up, together we can legalize it.

  18. Yeah, HarDcoRe. Brew Scush! This country was a better place, without nasty ex’es, snotty Capitol Hill interns and slightly creepy albinos before Bush came along. Hell, all my breakups were much nicer went Clinton was president; sometimes I even got a breakup shag. Not any longer — it’s all James Brown style burning clothes on the lawn and shotgun blasts when I roll up in my Chevy.

    And as David Broder noted this morning, there are bread lines all over the country now, something we haven’t seen since the Great Depression, the Bolshevik Revolution, or the last Republican President, whichever came last.

  19. ha, bread lines.

    on the other hadn remember that this is the same david broder who propsoed a national, mandatory volunteer program.
    i think the column was called “draft americas children… for public service.”

    anyone who ever read “atlas shrugged” and sees that kinda stuff instantly develops resenment to anyone who goes around writing stuff like that.

    (plus, i’d be getting “drafted” so to speak.)

  20. Well there are posi’s and neg’s about DC interns.

    Slutty college girls getting drunk
    Easy targets for stick ups

    Loud and stupid
    Basically, they are extended stay tourists, ugh.

  21. “Basically, they are extended stay tourists, ugh.”

    At least they dress better than the average day-glo running-shorted, novelty-tee wearing tourists infesting the Mall every summer…

  22. the mall in DC in summer. talk about your hellishly hot destinations.

    why couldn’t we have our capital somewhere nice, like california?

  23. This isn’t nearly as good as the e-mail floating around from the girl who got the job at CAA and got all gushy ’bout Hollywood and what not.

  24. Post that Hollywood email – sounds fun!


  26. ^ I’ve seen this a couple times now. Is this some Randian in joke?

  27. ^
    The persecuted Tim Robbins

  28. LOL @ Randian In-jokes

    Randians don’t tell jokes, joe. jokes usually convey something other than truth, and as such, are anti-humanity, anti-life and anti-reality.

    hey, its not MY fault. existence exists. disagree? don’t make me pull a nathaniel branden on you.

  29. Ha ha ha! That e-mail break-up letter was some funny shit. We’ll have to look up his old flame and take her out rock climbing at Pace Bend park this weekend. She’ll have so much fun climbing those limestone bluffs and falling off laughing into the water, she’ll forget all about that little dickweed tool Paul Kelly Tripplehorntoad, Jr. Then she can hook up with some real men.

    Ahem, not me of course. Talkin’ ’bout the young bloods. Pad people. Boulderers. You know? Later bros.

  30. The guy in the pink shirt looks like he’d be in the cast of “Queer Eye For the Hill Guy”.

  31. Christ, all he did wrong was hit the send button. If he was really evil he would’ve hit the chick.

    I bet this guy will be a Senator someday.

  32. Let’s hook up this dude with Blair Hornstine. A match made in heaven. Certainly keep the pool clean for the rest of us.

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