Preying on the Predator


If you're planning a hunting or fishing trip, you might want to drive. David Williams arrived back home in Texas from an "Alaskan adventure" to find that his carefully packed and labeled caribou steaks and roasts had been sliced open. A note inside the wet-lock boxes said the meat had been "inspected" by federal Transportation Security Administration workers. "This baggage inspection was not done in my presence," he told the Anchorage Daily News. "Therefore I don't know if the meat was stacked on the floor during the 'prohibited item search.' Was any of it swabbed by chemicals for explosive detection? Did any bomb-sniffing dogs lick the caribou meat? Did the TSA inspectors wear new, previously unused rubber latex gloves while handling our tenderloins, or had they just finished handling someone's dirty underwear? The value of this caribou meat is about $28 per pound, and we are afraid to eat it. Would you eat it?"