Meow Tse Tung?


Yahoo News notes that pet ownership is making a comeback in Shanghai after decades of being deemed "too bourgeois for the common man." There's even a cute li'l photo of a kitten standing on a watermelon, which you can print out and turn into an inspirational poster, if that's your kick. I'm still trying to figure out whether this is what that "running dogs of capitalism" line was really about. (Via Obernews)

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  1. Judging by other Reason Hit & Run posts (Re: how SARS was born), maybe this isn’t a pet – but instead, just another Chinese grocery item?

  2. It’s about time the chinese people got the chance to have their state news agencies be occassionally clogged by dog-bites-person stories.

  3. Ok Julian, you win the contest for best headline of the week. Ha!

  4. Sign of greater things to come?

    Or throwing the Chinese people a bone?


  5. I wonder if the restrictions on having children in China will make pet ownership especially popular there. After all, people have to have something to dote on.

  6. So will bad dogs & cats be sent to:

    -The pound?

    -The kitchen?

    -A Re-Education Camp?

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