Novelist Ken MacLeod takes a ride in a covertly sponsored van, then is asked to front for a corporate lobby. Shivers ensue.

(For Reason's interview with MacLeod, go here.)


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  1. ooooohhhooh, CORPORATE lobby funding! how sinister!

    btw – is this how commies really think? so worried about how officially pure they are percieved? who cares where the money comes from if you are doing what you believe in? Sometimes even companies write donation checks…

  2. I believe MacLeod was chiefly objecting to the secretive nature of the funding. He was being asked to front for a group that pretends to be grassroots but is not. In other words, to lie.

  3. i loved this…

    “clammy suckers of capital’s covert-action tentacles”

    apparently ken is still throwing around the debunked labor theory of value and conspriricies on behalf of “capital” – standard commie chessnuts that were stale in the 1880s.

    Guess he thinks it is cool to mention Von Mises in his books, but too cool to actually read _Human Action_.

    (note: i am a big fan of his books)

  4. oh please, how many times do you see disclosures of the funding for the SSP and CP sites?

  5. ARRRGH!! twistedmerkin, if I have to hear about the frickin’ “Harley lifestlye” ONE MORE TIME…

    It almost makes me want to agree with the liberal-elites and the Frenchies who contend that America has a “bankrupt consumer culture”TM.

    Admit it. You paid waaay too much for a shitty motorcycle. This does NOT constitute a lifestyle.

  6. MacLeod also put this in _Stone Canal_…

  7. Except that this happened after Stone Canal was written. And the radical in Stone Canal decided to do the deal.

  8. Thanks for the link, I didn’t realize MacLeod had a blog. I just got his latest book “Engine City” in the mail, I’ll definitly have to start reading it now. His personal politics may be a bit odd in some areas, but it’s great to have at least one writter who puts politics in their SF without making it dry or boring.

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