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On the heels of the arrest of supposed jihadists in the DC area, comes this strange tale of the theft of bakery secrets. Mazen Fathi Said faces 60 counts associated with stealing trade secrets after authorities say they caught him raiding Morabito Baking Company's recipes.

Further, prosecutors in Greensboro convinced a judge that Said should be held on a $2 million bond due to "possible links to money laundering for terrorist organizations." This is despite police in Greensboro, and the FBI in Philadelphia (home to Morabito) and Charlotte, saying they know nothing about any links between Said and terrorists. Odder still, Said has an Israeli passport and may or may not be an Israeli citizen.

Said may or may not have been stealing bread recipes. But the terrorism stuff just seems daft.

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  1. Nobody “no nothing of any such links” either. But, hey, that no stop us from CREATING links, no?



  3. mmm… Hoagie Roll…

  4. I gotta say, I have read this eight times now and I can’t figure out what it means:

    Nobody “no nothing of any such links” either.

  5. yeah, and nobody knew nothing in the 50’s but shit sure came flying out later.

  6. Are you talking about the sixties?

  7. That’s a pretty funny story. I just ate lunch in Norristown today. Taqueria La Michoacana – highly recommended. Their $2.50 quesadilla can’t be beat. Didn’t see any espionage go down, though.

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