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New at Reason: Julian Sanchez surveys the new crop of villains in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix—good-hearted types who just want to keep things on an even keel.

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  1. It’s funny, I printed out Julian’s article to show my Harry Potter crazed sister. She took one look at it and said: “Jesus, does everything have to be political with you?” I guess she may have a point.

  2. What are you doing during the 4th of July holidays? Nothing? Good. We need your help revamping Julian Sanchez’ library, and elevate his reading level to a somehat more mature level. He’s been hanging out with the kids too long.

  3. Even Reason writers aren’t immune from the very bad habit of spoiling plot points for others. Boo hiss.

  4. Not that it’s much of a plot, mind you.

  5. Good idea about the reading list. If he had read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest he’d know that the nurse’s name wasn’t Ratchet.

  6. Andrew-
    Sorry if you thought it gave away too much. For what it’s worth, everything but the “comeuppance” (and I can’t imagine that was much of a surprise) refers to things we see quite early on in the book. Well, except for the “fatal consequences,” but the fact that somebody dies has been trumpeted by the publishers for months.

    Cut me a little slack here; I’m working from memory & read it almost a decade ago.

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