Grocery Shopping with the Jetsons


The future is here. Well, it's in Germany.


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  1. The Jetsons ordered their groceries over the Internet and had them delieverd directly to their apartment via pneumatic tubes. It looks like there was also some sort of flash dehydration/rehydration system that made it possible to send whole turkeys through what look like four-inch tubes.

    This article, on the other hand, is about a brick-and-mortar supermarket with wireless barcode scanners in the shopping carts. That sounds both tedious and very un-Jetsonian.

  2. Can I still fly there in my suitcase car?

  3. “For the benefit of journalists on Monday, the supermarket used supermodel Claudia Schiffer to demonstrate the system.”

    I’m in the wrong profession 😉

  4. Along s.m. koppelman’s lines, IIRC, the now defunct was more Jetsons. Point click and you have your food in an hour or so. And movies.

  5. sm-

    Maybe you’re taking Sara’s tounge-in-cheek title a bit too seriously?

    (Or maybe I’m taking you too seriously?)

  6. That’s because he was the highest-ranking officer. What about the dwarf-slaves working the ship’s reactor? Probably got little more than a cup of gruel, self-served.

  7. I take back my previous comment…. I forgot about the time I got to meet Heidi Klum and Jay Leno in a private suite at the Indy 500, coutesy of a very large automotive supplier. I’ll stick to my current profession…

    I think some of you must be confusing Gene Rodenbury with J.R.Tolkein. Dwarves on starships???

  8. Rank has its privileges, don’t you know?
    (Besides, the dwarfies could always go amuse themselves on the Holodeck.)

  9. Obviously you guys know nothing about Star Trek. The dwarves were really clones that ate each other when they got hungry.

  10. “Point click and you have your food in an hour or so.”

    Boy, that’s slow! Captain Jean Luc Picard got his in less than 30 seconds. And nothing to click, either. He just asked.

  11. J.R.R.Tolkien wrote not about dwarves. He wrote about gnomes.

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