Gun Suit Dropped


"It's been clear for a while now that this was headed in the wrong direction, and we were just waiting for the signal to stop….I'm glad we won't be taking up any more time with this."

So says Cincinnati Mayor Charlie Luken in this article about why the Queen City is dropping its lawsuit against gun manufacturer Beretta U.S.A.

The most interesting info may be the amount of man hours this thing took to file. As lead attorney Stanley Chesley put it:

Most important, Chesley said, the litigation was beginning to tie up police officers in thousands of hours of depositions and evidence gathering. Sixty-five police officers and other city employees had depositions scheduled, beginning Tuesday.

"It would take a tremendous amount of additional time for your officers to even come close to complying with the depositions," Chesley said.

Reason's Jacob Sullum wrote about recent federal attempts to ban similar lawsuits here.