Media Monopolists


Frequent Reason contributor Matt Welch stands up for media competition—and wonders why so many liberals who say they support a competitive press end up endorsing the opposite.


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  1. Someone here needs to address the shocking and dreadful revelations from Eason Jordan at CNN that they have been whitewashing the Hussein Regime. This is a huge, huge story and I want to hear Reason’s take on it.

  2. Matthew: Many journalists habitually kiss up to people in power for access. What CNN did in Iraq was basically a more extreme and appalling version of what a beat reporter does when he kills or soft-pedals a story that would upset a useful source. So while the revelation may be dreadful, it’s not especially shocking.

    Someone else at Reason might have something more interesting or original to say about the story. If not, just browse the Internet — seems like everyone and her mother was posting something about the CNN flap yesterday.

  3. Yesturday I overheard a liberal coworker complaining to a friend how the press is too conservative and does nothing but say how great the war is.
    Later, a conservative Aunt of mine was complaining how the liberal press is too against the war effort and un-American.
    Who needs competition, when the same stations can just take every side?

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