Khazraji Mystery Solved?


Scuttlebutt (to be viewed with skepticism) that Nizar Khazraji was also killed in the attack on Abdul Majid al-Khoei. Idle talk of the Jimmy Hoffa's-body variety? Perhaps, but keep in mind that ArabNews, which is reporting this, had placed Khazraji in Najaf in an earlier report, so it at least has internal consistency. Then again, so does my Falco assassination theory.


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  1. it was also nearly impossible to understand falco’s lyrics — he mumbled too much…

    and if good ol Nizar picked up any danish while living on Sor?, that’s a mumble language too!

    med venlig hilsen,

  2. After nearly a day, this story has not been picked up by anybody else, so I’m downgrading it from “view with skepticism” to “almost definitely a legend.”

    I’m stiking with my Falco theory though.

  3. Tim, you listen to The Bloodhound Gang?

  4. Tim count me in the skeptical camp on the Arab News story. I still do not see anyone who has picked up the story. I continue the follow the whole Khazraji affair with great interest on my blog.

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