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The blogosphere has its first Ruth Shalit.

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  1. One more reason why they ought to do away with the PC’s “Cut n Paste” feature.

    Belying its banner, this blog is rather ThoughtLESS and far from “global.” It’s rather very local. So local, in fact, it probably originates from a sick, dank corner of a small room somwhere.

  2. M.? Looks like you read it……

    Anyway, does this whole story REALLY surprise anyone? Stealing from one is plagarism, stealing from many is research.

  3. I think this is what they call “media convergence”. The same half-baked stories circulating round and round.

    In another time, we might have called this rumour and gossip.

  4. The Agonist already apologized for missing the attribution for information copied from Stratfor. He had attributed plenty of other information to them and he even had a link to their site on his page. In an effort to be up-to-date, Mr. Kelly was copying stories via his Palm Pilot. He went back and attributed the stories when he was able.

  5. Have you ever tried to use a palm pilot? Man, it’s a pain in the ass. 🙂

    You can read the Agonist’s apology here:

  6. So don’t post it until you’re able to do it right. Panic about not being able to post 20 times a day isn’t an excuse for stealing stuff.

    And yeah, I read the “I make no excuses for what I did, and now here are my excuses for what I did” apology.

  7. “When he was able”? Why wouldn’t he be able?

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